Love My Pocket Diapers

Love My Pocket Diapers 1


Longevity: 9/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 7/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10 

Cuteness: 6/10 

Overall: 8/10

Let me start by saying that the Love My pocket cloth diapers were among some of the first that I purchased. I bought these when I first started thinking about cloth diapering our Pumpkin and for $27.95 on Amazon, I couldn’t resist. These are still in our rotation, and I don’t plan on phasing them out anytime soon.


These are a one-size cloth diaper, and so, hypothetically, they should fit from birth through potty training. That being said, these will dwarf a newborn. We didn’t start using these until Pumpkin was 10.5 pounds and we were on the smallest rise and waist snaps. Now that he’s closer to 15 pounds, we haven’t adjusted anything to make these more significant, so I’m sure (unless he suddenly puts on about 30 pounds) that these will last us through potty training.


For a cheap and non-name-brand diaper, these are surprisingly good quality. Out of the six-pack I purchased there were maybe one or two that had rogue strings that I needed to cut. These have held up to many trips through the wash and show no signs of falling apart. With any cheaper diaper, I worry that they might not last through a full 2-3 years until potty training or make it until the next kid. Out of all my cheaper diapers, these are the ones I worry about least.

Love My Pocket Diapers 2


When Pumpkin was a newborn, these didn’t work at all. Granted, he was only a little over 5 pounds at birth, but we weren’t able to use these diapers on him until 10 pounds. We started him out on the smallest settings, and as you can see from the picture, the fit was a little awkward. Now that Pumpkin is closer to 15 pounds and still using the smallest settings, the fit is perfect. We have no thigh or waist gap, nor do we have red marks once the diaper is removed. We also have never experienced any leaks with this diaper, even when wearing it at only 10 pounds. I also think they placed all of the snaps reasonable distances apart, which allows for a good and comfortable fit every time. There are also snaps to prevent wing droop, YAY!

Ease of Use:

These are standard pocket diapers. The included inserts are easy to stuff into the diaper. The inside of the PUL isn’t sticky like some other diapers we’ve tried. There is a reasonably sized opening to stuff the diaper which my hand has no trouble fitting inside. Snaps are more difficult for others to use than hook and loop, but both my husband and nanny manage with minimal complaining. See below for a picture of the diaper folded open.

Love My Pocket Diapers 3


The Love My pocket diaper has a high price point at $27.95 for a pack of six diapers with six microfiber inserts. That comes out to less than $5 for one full diaper. At that price, you only need to use each diaper about 18 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables! If you use this diaper from 10 pounds until about 30, it will quickly pay for itself in money saved!


These diapers generally only come in solid colors, although from scouring Amazon it seems there are a couple of different prints available. The photographs do add about $2 per diaper though. The colors that come in the gender-neutral pack are lovely. They are relatively unique, so you probably won’t end up with too many of the same color, even when adding to an existing stash. My favorite colors would have to be the fluorescent yellow/green and the mint green. I wish “Love My” offered more packs in boy colors (they tend to lean heavily toward pinks) but the gender-neutral box is a nice compromise.


I like these diapers. They are among the pocket diapers that I generally reach for first. The quality and fit are excellent, and I love the bright colors. My little Pumpkin also offers no complaints when wearing these. I also like the fact that for cheap diapers, these are high quality. Bottom Line: Yes, I would repurchase these.

Love My Pocket Diapers 4

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