Rumparooz Newborn Cover


Longevity: 5/10 or 10/10  (explained later)

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 10/10

Ease of Use: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 9/10

Before Pumpkin was born I stocked up on prefolds and covers, figuring we’d use them for his newborn days before graduating to one size pockets and AIO’s. The last thing I expected was that both Pumpkin and I would fall in love with this system. The only time Pumpkin sleeps through the night is when he’s in a prefold and cover and I love that I only have to wash a cover after 3-4 uses or when dirty!


The Rumparooz newborn covers receive two longevity scores. The first score is 5/10 because you can only use this cover from 4 pounds to 15 pounds. That is a very narrow window of time because at almost 15 pounds this cover barely fits on Pumpkin anymore. Now I realize this is a newborn cover so…

The second longevity score is 10/10. This is the only newborn diaper that we were able to use from day 1 (5 pounds). This is also the only newborn diaper that still fits (15 pounds). This is definitely a newborn cover you will be able to get tons of use out of.


Rumparooz newborn covers are not made out of PUL but rather TPU which is just as waterproof but seems more durable. I never worry about stretching this cover too far or wrecking it through normal use. We own two of these covers and have washed them both tons of times with no visible signs of wear. The elastic is still in great condition and I know we will be able to use these for Pumpkin #2 if we choose.

Fit: img_3523.jpg

The Rumparooz newborn covers were the only diapers that fit our premature Pumpkin right at birth. Not only did they fit, but they fit great! This was worth so much to us because with these we were able to use cloth right away without a single leak. These would have no trouble fitting a 4 pounder. At 15 pounds, these still fit Pumpkin, although they’re getting a little small. The double gussets and tight elastic allow this diaper to fit any tiny baby with ease.

Ease of Use:

As with any cover and prefold combination, these are a little trickier than a one stop AIO. These also pose a little bit of a challenge because they’re so small- sometimes it’s hard to stuff an entire prefold in a cover. Rumparooz does a good job with snap placement, it’s easy to attach all the snaps evenly and quickly.


At between $10-12 a cover, these were a little pricier than what I initially wanted to spend for covers. You would need to use each cover roughly 40 times before they become cheaper than disposables. You also need to purchase something absorbent to use with these whether it be prefolds, fitted, or folded up old shirts. Yet, even with the extra costs, these are a very economical option. You only need to wash these every 3-4 uses, or when dirty, so they should last a long time. You also only need to buy a few covers because you can use each one so many times between laundry days. We got through our newborn days with 3 covers but could have easily only used 2.


The Rumparooz covers are mediocre in cuteness. The solid colors are cute and look nice but there aren’t many prints available. The prints that are available are $2 more, but they’re gender neutral and classy. I like that all the colors/prints aren’t too babyish and I love that they change the colors of the snaps to better blend in.


The Rumparooz newborn covers have been great for Pumpkin. Because he was on the small side at birth we were able to get over 3 months of use out of these. I love how the fit has always been great and that they still seem brand new. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy these again. But I would only buy 1 instead of two unless I was exclusively using covers and prefolds- I felt like we didn’t use each cover as much as we could have because we had so many.

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