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I received a Fuzzibunz diaper from a friend as a hand-me-down gift. She had received it as a gift a few years back when she was thinking about cloth diapering her little guy but eventually decided not to cloth diaper and thus never even tried the Fuzzibunz. I know this is the old style and after poring over the Fuzzibunz website, I realise they now seem to be a lot better, but this is a review of the one we own.



These are not one size diapers. They are sized for a weight range in the hopes of getting a more custom fit. I do like this type of design, but you will not get as much use out of it. The small is sized from 7-18 pounds, but when I first tried this diaper on my 12 pounders, he was on the lowest setting, so I can’t see the small fitting a 7-pound baby. Now that Pumpkin is closer to 15 pounds, he’s moved over a snap set already. The rise is not adjustable, so if you have a short or tall baby, you might get even less use out of this.



The quality of this diaper is not what I was expecting. On the one hand, the diaper is sewn together really well and is still highly waterproof. On the other, the elastic is already starting to go (after only about a month of use, but it is a few years old) and the inner side of the PUL is very sticky and rough. I do like the cotton/hemp insert though- sewn together nicely and very absorbent.

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Because the Fuzzibunz small is a sized diaper, I was expecting a great fit. I was a little disappointed however because the fit on Pumpkin is somewhat awkward. He’s on the middle snap for the waist, but with the way the tab snaps are placed, I have to bunch up the tabs to get a tight fit in the thighs. (This might be because our elastic is already starting to go) The bunching isn’t a huge deal; it just looks a little awkward and is disappointing because this is a sized diaper. We have also had a few leaks out the legs with this diaper, so the fit still isn’t great.


Ease of Use

Ugh again, I want it to be so easy, and Fuzzibunz doesn’t allow that to happen. The snap placement is awkward, making this diaper slightly more challenging to fit, especially for Daddy who always wants the tabs to lay flat and doesn’t quite understand how to adjust things for a perfect fit. This diaper is also tricky to stuff (even though there is only elastic on one side of the pocket opening) because the PUL is very sticky and seems to grab the insert. This problem is less noticeable if you use the included insert, but there is no way I’m going to quest one supplement out of the pile every time I want to use this diaper.


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Now I’m not sure if it’s because Fuzzibunz is no longer making these or what but the price for a single diaper (with insert) on Amazon is $28.00! The current one-size diapers available on their website are about $20, which is a lot more reasonable. Anyways, if I wanted another diaper like the one I have, we would have to use it 112 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. We don’t like this diaper enough to use it that many times before it’s outgrown (or to buy another) but luckily we got ours for free, so it’s already cheaper.



Well, there are two colours available for purchase on Amazon right now, but when you scroll through the information graphics, you can see that Fuzzibunz once offered many more colours to choose from. They don’t seem to have provided patterns (but the one size on their website now comes in tons of cute designs, without costing more!). The blue diaper we own is a lovely masculine shade, and the white and yellow offered on Amazon seem pleasant too. If you go by the original colours suggested, it would have been possible to build a stash with no-repeat colours. Currently, there’s going to be a lot of yellow and white in your stash if you choose this Fuzzibunz.



I wanted to love Fuzzibunz. I’d heard a lot of good things about them, and we got our diaper-free (so wouldn’t it be great if we were able to use it tons and save money?). But there were so many things about the Fuzzibunz that I didn’t love. We hardly use this diaper now, and it’s generally only used on laundry day or as an emergency diaper. That all being said, this isn’t necessarily a bad diaper. It still holds in most messes and looks good on the Pumpkin; it just has some flaws. Bottom Line: No, I would not rebuy this. But I would be willing to try one of the new Fuzzibunz diapers to see if they have improved in the areas I disliked (and from the Fuzzibunz site, it seems like they have!).

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