EcoAble AIO Newborn

Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 10/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

The EcoAble AIO newborn size was the first AIO diaper we purchased for Pumpkin. As polar bears are my favorite animal, I just couldn’t resist. Also attractive was the reasonable price tag and the smaller size. Since then we have used other brands in this style and other style AIO’s but this diaper is one that we keep coming back to and will continue to, at least until Pumpkin gets any taller.


The EcoAble AIO newborn size is a modified one size diaper. They have scaled the diaper down somewhat to allow it to fit smaller babies, with that in mind, this diaper will stop fitting around 25 pounds. Pumpkin started wearing this at exactly 8 pounds (the lower limit) and it fit great! The EcoAble newborn size doesn’t seem overly bulky on an 8 pounder and was nice and snug in the legs. Now that Pumpkin is closer to 15 pounds, we are all the way unsnapped in the rise so I don’t know how much more use we’ll get out of this, probably not another 10 pounds worth.


EcoAble cloth diapers seem well put together, especially considering they’re a little cheaper than the name brand. There were a few dangling strings on ours but a quick snip of the scissors took care of that. After TONS of washes, these are still holding up great with no unraveling and no velcro issues. These will definitely last until Pumpkin’s next growth spurt and we should be able to use them with the next baby. I’m not at all worried about these coming apart.

Fit: IMG_3534

These diapers fit Pumpkin so perfectly at 8 pounds, I was a little bit blown away. Now at 15 pounds, the fit is still perfect, but I can imagine we will have some issues with them being too short once he nears the 25 pound mark (unless he stops growing, the kid is a bean pole already!). There are double gussets, both with strong elastic, that allow this diaper to easily fit any size thighs. The hook and loop closure allows this to fit any size waist as well. We have never had any leaks with this diaper, even when using it on an 8 pound baby or overnight.

Ease of Use:

EcoAble has done a great job of making these diapers virtually foolproof. There is absorbency sewn in but you can choose to stuff the included insert in the pocket if you need more. There’s nothing to fold or adjust, just attach each hook and loop tab and go! My husband and nanny both prefer this style of diaper, they can easily get a perfect fit without any fussing and both have mentioned how these are just as easy to use as a disposable. Laundering this diaper is a breeze (just make sure to close the velcro tabs) and it generally dries in about a day (in a dry climate). The EcoAble AIO really has made diaper changes a breeze.


The price on these diapers is very reasonable at $14.99 each. At that price you don’t even need to use the diaper 60 times before it becomes cheaper than a disposable! I also like that the price for these diapers isn’t variable- if I want a certain print, I don’t need to pay more to get it.


There are 9 prints to choose from in this specific style: a mix of boy, girl, and gender neutral prints. They do change the prints up a little if you buy a multipack, snaps, or the next size up. I like that I can build a variable stash with these and not worry about having the same exact looking diaper but in two sizes (that can get so confusing!). I also like that they offer a wide variety of cute prints in gender neutral designs- this is great if you want to stock up before baby is born! I do wish they offered solid color diapers (maybe with contrasting tab colors?) but I would rather have a print than a solid so this isn’t a huge deal for me.


EcoAble has really won me over with these diapers. They’re cute, cheap, functional, and the fit is great! I don’t like that my son is already on the largest rise at less than 15 pounds but the fact that he fit into these at only a month old more than makes up for that fact. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy these again. I just might consider buying less of this size and more of the 10-35 pound size.

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