Longevity: 7/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 5/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

The reason my LAIMALA diapers have more snaps is because eventually I got so frustrated with the lack of snaps that I busted out my snap press and added many snaps to each diaper. With the extra snaps the fit is better and we have been able to keep these  in rotation.


These are a one size diaper and on top of that, they seem to run a little on the larger side. These diapers will easily last you through potty training, even if your child is a little bigger than average. The only issue with these is that, along with running big, these are missing hip snaps (which help in getting a tight fit around the thighs). The lack of hip snaps could prevent this diaper from fitting properly on a small baby. Pumpkin first started wearing these at around 10 pounds but by then we had already added the extra snaps.


For such a cheap diaper from an unknown brand, these are surprisingly good quality. The waterproof outer layer is surprisingly soft and the inner layer isn’t too shabby either. None of the stitching was loose on ours and they’ve held up through many wash cycles. The only issue I noticed was there seems to be some quality control issues on the PUL reinforcement on the inside of the diaper. Some of the snaps were reinforced, others were not. This hasn’t caused any issues with performance and isn’t noticeable from the outside of the diaper.

Fit: IMG_3540

LAIMALA pocket diapers fit very awkwardly at first, before we added the extra snaps. The fit still isn’t perfect but at least Pumpkin is able to wear them. Without the extra snaps, these are better suited to an older baby, one who has chubby thighs and won’t need an extra tight fit anywhere. The placement of the original snaps is a little more spaced out than most diapers, leading to a slightly looser fit even on the smallest settings. We have had a few leaks with these, mostly compression leaks out the top and through the thighs before we added extra snaps.

Ease of Use:

These are pretty standard pocket diapers- fairly easy to use and stuff. The lack of snaps and the placement of the snaps that are there makes this diaper marginally more difficult to fit onto baby. LAIMALA makes up for that factor by making these diapers incredibly easy to stuff. These are so soft and pliable that any and all inserts just slide right in.


The LAIMALA 6 pack pocket diapers are a great bang for your buck. Amazon sells the 6 pack for $23.99 which comes out to just $4 per diaper. At that price you would only have to use these 16 times each before they are cheaper than disposables. The only negative with these is that they don’t come with inserts- you will have to buy those separately. Depending on the inserts you buy, that expense could push these diapers up to the costs of some of the nicer diapers (with more snaps!). You could also use these as covers over a flat, fitted, or prefold and this 6 pack is cheaper than 6 separate covers, so you could save some money there.


LAIMALA only makes these diapers in the 6 pack that I ordered, 6 solid colors and no prints. There are 3 pinks, 2 blues, and 1 gray diaper included in this pack. This is a disappointing selection because I have a son, who now owns 3 pink diapers. That being said, I am not that annoyed because it’s a diaper and pink isn’t the end of the world. There are still 3 other diapers that are more masculine colors and the pinks don’t look awful when he’s wearing them around at home. I wish they offered more color packs or prints but for the price, I can’t complain too much about the cuteness factor.


I have very mixed emotions about these diapers. On the one hand, they’re very soft and do the job reasonably well. On the other hand, adding the snaps to these was a pain, they don’t come with inserts, and they don’t have a variety of gender neutral colors. Bottom line: No, I would not buy these again. These are great to have as a backup or if you’re hesitant about cloth diapering but there are other brands with diapers almost as cheap that include all of the snaps and an insert for each diaper. We are slowly starting to phase these out of our rotation and I am honestly looking forward to the day when Pumpkin is no longer wearing the pink diapers from this pack.

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