LBB Pocket Diaper

61ZvqhNEJ8L._SX522_Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 7/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

We originally ordered one of these diapers to try out and now own 3 more. For “china cheapies”, these are slowly becoming some of our favorite pocket diapers.


These are a one size diaper that should last from roughly 0-2 years. LBB diapers are similar in size to other one size diapers, they won’t fit a newborn very well but should start to fit about 12 pounds. Now that Pumpkin is 15 pounds we are still on all the smallest settings without overlapping the tabs. I’m confident that this diaper will last us through potty training.


LBB diapers have greatly impressed me in terms of quality. The one diaper we received that had a quality issue (cracked snap) was promptly replaced (with an even cuter diaper) once I contacted the company! We haven’t had any issues with loose stitching or PUL delaminating and the included microfiber insert is of good quality as well.


As with most one size diapers, the fit wasn’t great at first. At 12 pounds the fit was a little awkward but it worked without any leaks. Now that Pumpkin is 15 pounds, the fit is great! The placement of the hip snaps allow these to fit his skinny thighs nice and snug, even with only a single gusset. We have never had any leaks with LBB brand and Pumpkin seems very comfortable whenever he wears them!

Ease of Use:

As with all pocket diapers, these require you to stuff an insert into the pocket before use and take it out before washing, so these are a little bit more work than AIO’s. LBB has made these fairly easy to stuff, with a large pocket. Unlike some pocket diapers, the PUL on the inside isn’t sticky and so the inserts slide right in. The snaps are easy to attach and detach although my husband struggles with lining them up symmetrically.


At $9.99 for a diaper and insert, you would have to use this diaper about 40 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. If you use this diaper, with the insert, until potty training then you will have no problem using it 40 times.


LBB brand diapers are pretty darn cute, although some of their prints do look a little old fashioned. We own the dinosaur print, gray chevron, and a harry potter print they sent us as a replacement. I like the mix of boy, girl, and gender neutral prints available, I just wish they had more solid colors. It’s also really refreshing that LBB doesn’t charge more for the prints.


We have been pleasantly surprised by LBB pocket diapers. They’re high quality, fit great, and have a reasonable price tag. Pumpkin also seems to stay comfortable when wearing these, even overnight. Although we own tons of different diapers, LBB are slowly becoming some of our favorite diapers. Bottom line: Yes, I would buy these again.

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2 thoughts on “LBB Pocket Diaper

  1. LBB and Love My are Alva Rebranded. Alva has stopped allowing rebranding without original design in custom orders of 100 plus. I’m curious to see how this changes the market and pricing. MANY companies, including mine, have rebranded Alva for a few years now. Please lmk if you have any questions:)


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