OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds Size 1

812wWAKKZFL._SX522_Longevity: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 3/10

Overall: 8/10

We bought 12 of these to go in our 3 newborn sized covers before Pumpkin was even born. After months of use, our entire family is in love with OsoCozy prefolds and we have ordered other sizes and thicknesses to add to our prefold stash. These are definitely the most versatile diaper to buy.


OsoCozy Size 1 prefolds are supposed to fit infants from 7-15 pounds but based on our experience, the lifespan of these is much longer. Pumpkin started wearing these at 5 pounds, when we were still in the hospital. They were a little bulky but they fit fine in our covers and he didn’t seem to mind. Now that Pumpkin is a little over 15 pounds, these still fit great. It’s getting a little more difficult to reach the entire way around his waist, but not enough to even cause minor annoyance. These will surely last even longer because he isn’t even close to outgrowing the absorbency.

Once they don’t reach around his waist, we should still be able to fold these flat and lay in a cover or stuff into a pocket. Done using these as diapers? OsoCozy prefolds make great, highly absorbent burp cloths. They work great as cleaning cloths. They also work great on a Swiffer Sweeper to clean your floors. These are by far the diapers you will get the most use out of, even if you choose to only use them for a few months on your baby.


These diapers are extremely well made. We have washed our OsoCozy prefolds countless times with no noticeable deterioration of quality. Even the serged edges are still holding strong. Like all cotton prefolds; these will shrink, crinkle up, and get more absorbent with multiple washes. This is not a quality issue, but rather, something that is supposed to occur. You will appreciate the softness and absorbency the more you wash these.


Prefolds offer a very customizable fit. You can fold or roll these a number of different ways to get the perfect fit for your baby. I use the jelly roll fold and my husband uses the standard fold that OsoCozy recommends. Regardless of which way these diapers are folded, we have never had a single leak (even with EBF poops). The only reason that the fit didn’t get 10/10 is because there is a slight learning curve in getting a perfect fit. This might be an issue for someone who doesn’t use these frequently (think: babysitter or grandparents). These also breathe really well, especially when used without a cover, making them perfect for those scorching summer days. Just make sure you have the fit mastered before you try these without a cover.

Ease of Use:

Prefolds are some of the most labor intensive diapers, with only flats being more difficult. Yet once you get the hang of folding prefolds, they can become just as easy to use as other diapering options. With OsoCozy prefolds all you need to do is fold onto baby, attach somehow (pins, snappi, etc), and cover with something waterproof. Even my husband will use these now, even though he thought they were too difficult at first, and he never complains! Prefolds are also the easiest diapers to wash. With no gussets for poop to get stuck in, these can get fully clean with just one thorough wash.



OsoCozy unbleached prefolds in size 1 are an extremely economical diapering option. When I ordered these, almost a year ago now, they were $12.99 for a 6-pack. That comes out to only $2.17 per diaper! At that price you need to use each prefold less than 9 times before they become cheaper than disposables. At the moment these are $13.00 + $5.05 shipping. That’s still only $3 per prefold or 12 uses before cheaper than disposables. If you can wait for the cheaper price on these diapers, do it, but even if you can’t OsoCozy prefolds are still an affordable diapering option. You will also need some sort of waterproof cover with these, but you can buy or make some for cheap and only need  a few.


Eh, they’re prefolds and are meant to be hidden by an adorable cover but they leave a lot to be desired in the cuteness department. OsoCozy unbleached prefolds are an off-white cotton fabric, accented with 2 serged edges done in a colored thread. The color of thread corresponds to the size of prefold. I have seen cuter bleached prefolds with brighter or rainbow threads but I have also seen plainer unbleached prefolds with off-white threading. In the end, prefolds are meant to be hidden by a cute cover and the plainness of the prefolds shouldn’t be the deciding factor of whether to buy these.


Our entire family loves the OsoCozy unbleached prefolds in size 1. Pumpkin comfortably sleeps through the night when wearing these and my husband seems to avoid pocket diapers in favor of these. These prefolds are extremely versatile, even when baby has outgrown them, making them a very economical option. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy these again. In fact, I think we own 12 of these specific prefolds and 18 more OsoCozy prefolds in other sizes. I would highly recommend these for anyone looking for an economical and comfortable diapering option.

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