Rumparooz One Size Cover

618PWOSP8ILLongevity: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 9/10

Rumparooz just seems to be a really great fit for our family. Every diaper we have tried from them has fit Pumpkin perfectly, even with his skinny little thighs, and they’ve all held up through repeated washings. I would highly recommend giving Rumparooz diapers a try if you have a skinny baby, but if your baby is a major chunk, this brand might not be the one for you.


Fitting from 6-35 pounds, you could easily use this cover from birth through potty training. We started wearing this around 10 pounds and I don’t doubt that this would comfortably fit a 6 pound newborn. And with plenty of rise/waist snaps, this diaper offers lots of room to grow.


Rumparooz covers are extremely well made- the sewing is even and the materials are high quality. We have washed our one size covers countless times and they look the same as they did the first time Pumpkin wore them. These will easily hold up to years of use, even with near constant washing.


The fit of the Rumparooz One Size is great on even a tiny baby. We started Pumpkin wearing these around 10 pounds and found the second smallest rise snap was just right, with enough room to easily fit over the fluffiest of prefolds. I imagine that these would easily fit a 6 pounder on the smallest rise. The only issue with the fit on the smaller sizes is the excess fabric. Because these are a cover and they fit such a wide range, when they’re set to the smallest settings, there is quite a bit of excess fabric that bunches up in the crotch area. This doesn’t necessarily affect the fit a bunch but it does look awkward and could potentially cause leaks if the fabric is folded in just the right way. Even with that though, we have never had any leaks with these covers. The double gussets are snug on Pumpkin’s thighs and they hold in absolutely everything.

Ease of Use:

As with all covers, they’re a little bit more effort than an AIO or other style of diaper. Yet unlike other covers we have tried, the Rumparooz are super easy to put over a prefold and snap together. There are just two snaps on each side, one upper and one lower, eliminating the guesswork of where to attach the hip snap. Even with that, it’s easy to customize the fit by moving either the upper or lower snap over one to get a tighter or looser fit in either the waist or thighs. My husband would actually rather use these than a pocket diaper with 3 snaps on each side, even though he basically has to put on two diapers with these (prefold and cover). We’ve never had any issues with grandmas or nannys getting confused over these diapers so they must be pretty darn easy to use.


The price of the one size Rumparooz covers starts out at $14, for a solid color, and goes up to $16, for a print. At $14 you would have to use the cover 56 times before it’s cheaper than disposables and you still need to stuff it with something. That being said, you only need to wash these every 3-4 uses and your baby will be able to wear them for years, so getting 56 uses out of one cover shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.


Rumparooz is somewhat lacking in the cuteness department. There are not a lot of prints to choose from and they will cost you $2 more than a solid color. The prints that are available are fairly trendy and gender neutral. I do like their solid colors though and the more I see them, the more they grow on me. The solid colors available are very different from what is offered by other brands, they are either more vibrant or darker than typical cloth diapers, they don’t seem to be stereotypical baby colors which I greatly appreciate! We own a pattern and a solid color and like them both equally.


The Rumparooz One Size Cover has really lived up to our expectations. It fits great and has held up through many, many washes. Yes, I would buy this again. I would recommend Rumparooz one size if you’re looking for a cover to last from birth to potty training or if you have a baby with small thighs who needs the extra protection the tight double gussets offer.

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