Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO 1
Longevity: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 10/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

When we received a three-pack of Charlie Banana diapers to try out, I was ecstatic. Then I opened the package, read the instructions, and took a good look at the diapers. All I could think was: wait a minute. Do I have to adjust the elastic? There isn’t a snap rise! I am not prepared for this. But then I sat down with a diaper and started playing with the flexible, realized how easy it was, adjusted all the diapers, and went back to being ecstatic. Now that we’ve used these for a while, they are easily my favorite pocket diapers.



Adjustable Elastic

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO 2

The Charlie Banana One Size Hybrid AIO is meant to fit all babies from 6-35 pounds. At 15 pounds Pumpkin is on the second small setting (i.e., there is still another little and an extra-low environment) of the elastic. These would easily fit a 6-pound baby, and I imagine that they could even provide a smaller baby in a pinch. The only concern I have is that these are a reasonably narrow diaper so they might not fit perfectly at 35 pounds. Because Pumpkin is already skinny and tall, I’m confident that these will last us through potty training, even though they are narrower than other diapers.


The quality of Charlie Banana diapers is pretty standard for the price. The diapers are very soft, both inside and out, although the stay dry fleece has started pilling already (super common amongst all our pricier diapers for some reason). The adjustable elastic also seems sturdy, and they use a bra elastic which makes adjusting a breeze but is still strong enough to stay where you set it throughout many washes.

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO 3


With the use of adjustable elastic instead of rising snaps, the fit on these diapers is always stellar. Even though Pumpkin has skinny thighs, we’ve been able to get a perfect fit every time just by having the elastic adjusted to the correct size. Once we have the elastic fitted, it’s easy to get a great fit in the legs no matter where we place the waist snaps. The only gripe I have with the fit is that there’s a full snap space in between the snaps on the waist. This means that when you are snapping the size, you can’t just choose two catches next to each other, you have to skip a snap (and in our case, we sometimes have to utilize the crossover snaps). These are our only diapers like this, and it confuses my husband to no end! Even with the weird snap layout and the waist sometimes being too loose (…husband…) we have never had a single leak with these!

Ease of Use:

Despite being called an AIO, Charlie Banana One Size Hybrid AIO’s are technically hybrid pocket diapers. There is no sewn-in absorbency with these. Each diaper comes with two inserts, a small and medium/large, that are sewn with a stay-dry fleece layer on one side and the usual absorbent stuff on the other. This allows you to lay the insert into the diaper and use it as a cover. You can also choose to stuff one advertisement in the pocket and put another in the diaper. Or you can stuff one or both inserts into the diaper. I do like having options, but because it is called an AIO, I wish that there was some sewn-in absorbency.

Even though not technically an AIO, Charlie Banana has perfected their diaper design. The most significant difference between these and other pockets is that the opening to stuff the pocket is located in the front instead of the back. I was apprehensive at first about this feature, but after the first epic poo in these, I realized the genius. The opening in the front allows me to easily slip the absorbent insert out before I rinse the poo away without getting my hands all nasty. This is great because then the supplement doesn’t absorb all the water from the sprayer. Which means I don’t have to wring the diaper out when I’m done spraying. Which means I don’t get poo water on my hands. Which makes for a happy mama. The front opening makes dealing with a messy diaper that much more relaxed, and I am so grateful for that.

The rise in Charlie Banana diapers is adjusted with elastics instead of rise snaps. I was terrified of this feature at first. I’ve never tried a diaper with elastic adjustment before, and I honestly wasn’t sure if it would be worth the hassle. Much to my surprise, adjusting the elastics on these diapers wasn’t a hassle, and the perfect fit makes the extra few seconds of improving worth it! There are clear instructions included with the diaper on how to adjust elastics, and once I practiced on the first diaper, the other two were a piece of cake. We’ve also had these for a few weeks now, with frequent use, and the elastic hasn’t slipped at all. I am now officially a fan of diapers with adjustable elastic.

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO 4

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO 5


Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO’s are a little on the pricier side, at $64.99 for a three-pack. That comes out to almost $22 per diaper, which means you’d need to use each one 86 times before they become cheaper than disposables. For that price, you also get six inserts, a small and medium/large. With the extra inserts (most diapers only come with 1 per diaper) these become a much better deal. Even with these costs a little more than most one-size pockets, these have a full fit range. You should be able to buy these and use them from birth through potty training, even if your baby is born small and grows fast.


Charlie Banana offers some darn cute prints- there are geometric prints, ocean prints, flower prints, and more. They also offer robust colors. I like that each themed three-pack comes with two photographs and a coordinating solid. Charlie Banana makes it easy to make sure your stash is a nice mixture of prints and solids. They offer a lot of gender-neutral prints and colors, which I also much appreciated.


Before we even received the diapers, I figured we’d like them. What I didn’t expect, however, was that they would quickly (almost within a day) grow to become our favorite pocket diapers. Pumpkin looks so cute in these, and they fit him perfectly. The front opening pocket also makes these super easy to use and clean. Bottom Line: Yes, I would rebuy these. And in fact, I bought a few more after we received our initial 3.

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