Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts

Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts 1


Longevity: 10/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 10/10

Ease of Use: 6/10

Price: 7/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

The Snap-EZ was our first foray into the world of hemp inserts. While I can’t say whether or not they hold more liquid than a traditional bamboo/cotton insert; they are certainly trimmer than other supplements which is a massive plus for those with smaller babies.


Snap-EZ has created an insert that, regardless of size, should last a long time. We received the baby-sized insert to try which should fit in the baby-sized diaper (7-21 pounds). You could easily use this with a smaller baby by folding down the front or with a giant baby as a booster. When you’re done using this as an insert (years later), use as an ultra-absorbent cleaning rag. This insert is versatile and could last from birth to potty training.


This is an excellent quality insert. The stitching around all of the edges is straight and neat, the label is sewn on cleanly, and the fabric is high quality (hemp and organic cotton blend). After numerous washes, including about a bazillion prep washes, these are holding up high.


These inserts offer the perfect fit for every diaper and every baby. This style of the insert is a flat square of 2-layer fabric which you then fold to create an insert to stuff into the pocket of a diaper. Snap-EZ recommends you fold in half or thirds the long way, but you can wrap these in any way you choose. Have a tiny baby that needs extra absorbency in front? You can fold the front down a bit before folding into thirds. Just need some extra absorbency in the front at night? Fold this in half one way and half again the other way and use as a doubler only in the front. Snap-Ez also offers these inserts from infant sizes through adult, so you’re sure to find an insert size that works perfectly for your needs.

Ease of Use:

The style of these inserts makes them a little more of a hassle to use. To stuff this insert into a pocket diaper, you’ll need to fold it first. Then you need to make sure it doesn’t come unfolded when stuffing into the diaper. This was not as challenging as I was anticipating but is still a little annoying.

Because these inserts require folding and are thus only two layers thick when unfolded, these dry super fast! We can hang dry these, and they will be dry in less than a day or throw in the dryer and have them dry in less than an hour. This is incredibly convenient, and I wish all inserts dried this fast.

Also, keep in mind that these are hemp inserts and will require a decent amount of prep. We boiled our insert, washed with our clothes, boiled again, and washed three times with regular diaper laundry. Even with that prep, it still leaked the first time we used it. I know that I didn’t follow the prep instructions Snap-EZ recommends but I couldn’t justify running a wash just for one insert. If you buy multiple supplements, you shouldn’t have a problem following the prep instructions. If you only have a single new hemp insert, you can boil it, but then you will need to wash with regular diaper laundry over five times before absorbency is reached. Once the inserts were prepped enough, we didn’t have any more leaks.

Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts 2  Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts 3


At $8.00 for a single baby-sized insert, these are a little on the pricier side. You would have to use each insert 32 times before they’re cheaper than disposables and you still need to buy a diaper to stuff these into. With that price though, these will certainly last for a long time, and so you shouldn’t have a problem getting your sums of money worth out to go these. Also, Snap-EZ is a small business, not a gigantic cloth diaper factory, and so naturally the prices are going to be a little higher. I like supporting small, independent companies with high-quality products and so I’m ok spending a little more money for that.


These are inserts, meant to stuff inside a diaper, so they aren’t supposed to be cute. I like that Snap-EZ has attached their label to the inserts, it provides something to look at besides just fabric. I do wish they offered these with different coloured edging based on size (similar to prefolds).


Snap-EZ has created a high quality and versatile hemp insert. You should be able to find a perfect sized supplement from Snap-EZ and fold it in a variety of ways to fit any diaper. For our first time using hemp, I was pretty impressed. These hold a lot of liquid and are friendly and trim. Bottom Line: Yes, I would rebuy these. But I would probably only buy a few to use as boosters instead of relying solely on these inserts because I’m too lazy to want to deal with folding inserts.

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