Snap-EZ Baby Pocket Diaper

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.06.00 PMLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 10/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

We received the Snap-EZ baby sized pocket diaper with a hemp insert. See Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts for the review on the insert. The diaper itself was our first handmade diaper (besides ones I’ve sewn myself) that we’ve tried and while it doesn’t look as polished as a factory sewn diaper, I really like the fact that it was handmade by a very small business.


Snap-EZ baby sized pocket diapers are meant to fit babies from 7-21 pounds. This is not a one size diaper but does offer a large enough range that you should be able to use this diaper for a long time. Snap-EZ also offers a infant size (4-9 pounds), a toddler size (20-45 pounds), and all the way up to adult sizes. Although you won’t be able to use a single size from birth through potty training, you should be able to find a size that works for you.


While these diapers are not factory quality, they do not disappoint. Although on the diaper I received there were some areas were the stitching wasn’t perfectly straight, this doesn’t impact the performance in any way. Both the outer PUL and inner stay dry layer are really soft. Pumpkin seems so comfy when wearing this diaper and it has certainly held up through his rough play and many washes.

Fit: IMG_3597

As this is a sized diaper, it provides a much closer fit. At 15 pounds, this diaper fits Pumpkin like a glove. You would have no problem getting this diaper to fit a 7 pound little one and I’m certain this diaper will still fit once we get closer to the upper weight recommendation. Another perk of a sized diaper is that you get a much trimmer look. This diaper is not nearly as bulky on Pumpkin as some of our one size diapers and thus doesn’t inhibit his movement at all. We only had one leak with this diaper and that was more a result of not fully prepping the insert.

Ease of Use:

Like all pocket diapers, the Snap-EZ baby pocket diaper requires stuffing before use. The fact that this is a fitted diaper means that it can sometimes be a challenge to stuff a full sized insert into this diaper (inserts are too wide). The Snap-EZ inserts fit perfectly due to the fact that they can be folded to fit the width properly but we really struggle getting other inserts to fit in these diapers. This isn’t a huge deal as long as you can remember to always use that insert with this diaper.



At $5.25 for a diaper (closeout price) these are a great deal. At that price you only need to use this diaper 21 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables! Granted you will still need to buy/find an insert to use with this and pay shipping ($9.75 for my area) but even with that these are still a good deal. Now if your child isn’t the correct weight for the baby or infant size (both on closeout) or they’re sold out of those size Snap-EZ is offering a discount of $10 off a $50 purchase until the end of September using the code FBR10. That coupon code won’t work for any of the diapers currently on closeout but can bring their other diapers (or inserts) down to a very affordable price!


In the baby size Snap-EZ does not currently offer any prints but they do offer a wide range of solid colors. You would be able to build your stash entirely out of their diapers without having too many repeat colors.

The nature of how Snap-EZ diapers are sewn also makes them cute. They are sewn and then turned right side out which results in rounder corners and a gentler look throughout. I absolutely love this style because it makes Pumpkin’s fluff butt look even rounder and cuter.


While the Snap-EZ baby size pocket diaper isn’t our favorite pocket diaper it is still a quality diaper that is hand sewn and produced by a small company. Bottom Line: Maybe, I would buy this again. I can’t say that I would buy these at full price but at the closeout price I wouldn’t mind buying a few more of these to bulk up Pumpkin’s stash. They certainly aren’t bad diapers by any means, they just aren’t our favorites.

Buy on Snap-EZ (Baby Size)

Buy on Snap-EZ (Other Sizes)

*I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

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