HappyEndings Charcoal Bamboo Newborn Inserts

91PERrr0sSL._SX522_Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

Once Pumpkin was born we realized the microfiber inserts that came with our newborn pocket diapers just weren’t going to cut it. I quick hopped on Amazon and ordered the first newborn sized inserts I found, the HappyEndings 5 layer newborn inserts. We used them throughout the newborn days and still use them as boosters; these are definitely one of my most useful impulse buys.


These are newborn sized inserts and so are really only meant to be used with newborn sized diapers, giving these a pretty limited lifespan. But we have found that, although a little bulky, these make great boosters for overnight diapers or long trips out of the house. Even though this insert isn’t meant to last through potty training, if you use as a booster, you should be able to get years of use out of each insert.


HappyEndings newborn inserts are a high quality product, especially for an item only designed to be used during the newborn years. The stitching and edges are all neat and even and the outer fabric is high quality. Only our most frequently used inserts have minor pilling, the rest are still in pristine condition despite repeated washings.


The HappyEndings newborn inserts fit easily into all our newborn pocket diapers. We never had any issues with them being too short or too long for a diaper, they seem to be the perfect newborn length. They seem to be a little wider than some of the inserts that came with the diapers originally but this only caused an awkward fit when Pumpkin was tiny, tiny (4 pounds); once he got to normal newborn size (6 pounds) the extra width wasn’t an issue at all. These hold a ton of liquid and we never had a leak when using these inserts.

Ease of Use:

Again, these fit really easily into all our newborn pocket diapers. The charcoal bamboo doesn’t grip the PUL like microfiber sometimes does, making these really easy to fit into those tiny little pockets. Now that we are using these as boosters in some of our one size diapers, they are still easy to stuff with. They don’t take up a ton of room but still absorb quite a bit, making them perfect for extra absorbency overnight.


At $24.99 for a 9 pack, these are a little pricier than what I wanted to spend for a newborn insert. You would have to use each insert about 11 times before these are cheaper than disposables and you still need a diaper/cover to put these in. Especially if you use these as boosters once your baby has outgrown the newborn size diapers, these are a pretty good deal.


These are inserts and not terribly exciting in terms of cuteness. But the fact that they are a dark color (due to the charcoal) which hides the stains makes me a real happy mama.


We have been pretty impressed with the HappyEndings charcoal bamboo newborn insert both in our newborn diapers and in our one size. Bottom line: Yes, I would buy these again. They are a good quality and a fairly decent price, even if they are technically only going to be used for the newborn days. These inserts far outperform the microfiber ones that come with most newborn pocket diapers.

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