Buttons One Size AI2 System

Buttons One Size AI2 System 1
Longevity: 9/10

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Buttons Diapers were the first AI2 diapers we tried, and while I was a little apprehensive at first, Buttons quickly proved just how easy and convenient an AI2 system could be. While not quite as easy as an AIO diaper, these AI2’s are still easy to use and are much friendlier on the wallet.


Buttons one-size diaper covers are meant to last from 7-35 pounds. The inserts to snap into the sheets come in small (9-20 pounds), massive (20-35 pounds), and x-large (25-40 pounds). You should be able to use this cover from birth to potty training and use an insert that fits whatever stage your baby is.


If I could give Buttons covers a rating higher than 10, I would. When I got these in the mail, I was astounded at the high quality, especially considering the low cost. These covers are made with two layers of PUL and double leg gussets, as well as tummy and back elastic to help keep messes in. Buttons covers are so well made; they are one of the highest quality covers I have ever seen. The inserts are also of high quality. We use the microfiber inserts, and they’re thick and absorbent with a soft stay dry layer on the top. The edges are all clean, and I don’t worry about them falling apart, even with washing regularly.

Buttons One Size AI2 System 2


At first, I was a little worried because these seem to run a touch small. Unlike our other one-size diapers, Pumpkin is on the middle rise setting instead of the lowest. Even though these seem to run slightly short, the fit is fantastic. Even with a large-sized insert stuffed into the cover, these fit Pumpkin just right. They’re tight in all the right places, without leaving any red marks. The AI2 system also offers a trim fit without sacrificing absorbency. We have never leaked with these, even on extended outings or overnight.

Ease of Use:

While these are not as easy to use as an AIO style diaper, these are a million times easier to use than prefolds and covers. Just snap an insert into the lid and put the assembled diaper onto a baby. When wet, lock in a new insert; there’s no need to wash the cover until you’ve used it a few times or it gets dirty. You can wipe the cover dry in between changes if it’s still damp. I love the fact that these are almost as easy to use as AIO’s, yet there’s less laundry (due to not having to wash covers as often) like prefolds and covers. These are seriously the best of both worlds, and even my husband finds Buttons diaper system easy to use.


Buttons One Size AI2 System 3

Buttons One Size AI2 System 4


The price on covers ranges from $12 – $13.50 on Amazon, and you can get a three-pack of large microfiber inserts for $11.50. This means that at most, you only need to use the cover 54 times, and each inserts 16 times before this system becomes cheaper than disposables. I love the fact that I can get a blanket and three inserts (aka three diaper changes worth) for the same price as one AIO diaper.


Buttons offer a wide variety of solid colors and prints. The prints are a little pricier than the solids (at $1.50 more) but are worth it. I love their Northwoods and outdoorsy prints, as well as their floral and geometric ones. The solid colors they offer are also very tasteful and cute.


Buttons diapers have amazed me. For our first foray into an AI2 system, this was the perfect brand to start with. Buttons offer a high quality, adorable, AI2 system that is affordable for all. Bottom line: Yes, I would rebuy this. Less than a week after I received the original cover and inserts, I went on Amazon and bought another cover and three inserts. I can already tell that these will quickly become a favorite in our house.

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