Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO

Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO 1

Longevity: 7/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 6/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


I’ve wanted to try Mother Ease AIO’s for a while now but because they’re sized decided to wait until Pumpkin was bigger before spending the money on one (he grew fast in those first months and would have outgrown their smaller sizes so quickly). Having now given this diaper a few weeks of use, we are in love and can’t wait to order another.



These are sized diapers and so won’t last you from birth to potty training. The Wizard Uno is available in 4 sizes: x-small (6-12 pounds), small (8-18 pounds), medium (18-27 pounds), and large (27-35 pounds). We waited until Pumpkin was large enough to fit in the medium size before we tried one of these. There aren’t any rise snaps on these diapers, but the fit seems versatile, and except for the extra small, these should last a few months at least before you need to go up a size.



I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of the Mother Ease Wizard Uno. The materials are high tech but so soft. The first thing my husband said when he put this on Pumpkin was “I love this diaper, and it’s so cuddly!”. And it’s true; this is the snuggliest AIO we have ever tried. The materials seem to breathe well and keep Pumpkin dry while remaining waterproof. We had one rogue string on ours that we trimmed off, but otherwise the stitching is impeccable, and all materials are high quality. This has held up wonderfully through repeated washings.


Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO 2



Sized diapers tend to offer a better fit, and the Wizard Uno is no exception. This diaper fits Pumpkin pretty well at 15 pounds with plenty of room to grow. We do have tiny little leg gaps, but that’s not an issue cause he isn’t at the recommended 18 pounds yet and he does have pretty skinny legs. Pumpkin does have a long waist and has outgrown his other diapers that only go up to 18 pounds, so you might want to go with the size small if you have a shorter waisted baby, but the medium fits excellent for us. This is the trimmest AIO we’ve tried, even on skinny Pumpkin, and we’ve never leaked (even when using overnight). I’m incredibly impressed with how the Wizard Uno fits right now, and I’m confident it will still provide high when Pumpkin is closer to 27 pounds (the upward weight limit).


Ease of Use

Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO is an intuitive and straightforward AIO diaper. Nothing is confusing about this diaper- just an insert sewn into a cover on the top and bottom. This diaper would be a breeze for babysitters or those who aren’t comfortable with the cloth. While this diaper doesn’t have velcro, the snaps are logical and easy to use. The Wizard Uno is also a breeze to clean- it comes clean easily and drys exceptionally quickly. This diaper is dry after only a few hours of hanging in the breeze- as opposed to 24 hours like some of our other AIO’s.


Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO 3  Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO 4



The price on the Wizard Uno is a little steep, especially for a sized diaper. The medium fashionables Wizard Uno costs $28.95. At this price, you would need to use the diaper 115 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. As this is not a one-size diaper, you will need to buy a diaper for each size to last you from birth through potty training. If you can afford it, these diapers are worth purchasing for each size, but if the price is an issue I would recommend just buying the medium size as you should be able to get a lot of use out of that size before your kiddo outgrows it. They also offer a trial package which is one slightly discounted diaper with free shipping- this is a perfect option to try out a style or make sure the size will work for you.



We are absolutely in love with the bear bum print, and Mother Ease offers a handful of other cute prints, as well as a decent variety of solid colours. From what I can tell, the prints are not any pricier than the solids. You could build your stash out of the Wizard Uno and only have a few repeat colours/prints.



I’m hugely impressed by the Mother Ease Wizard Uno- it’s an extremely trim AIO that doesn’t compromise on absorbency or comfort. Bottom Line: Yes, I would rebuy this. I can’t wait to order their Adventure Awaits print in this same size to add to our stash…

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