Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter

Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter 1

Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


When I got the chance to try Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter, I jumped at the opportunity. We are always in search of the perfect overnight diaper to last through the two 6 hour stretches Pumpkin sleeps each night. It needs to be easy for my husband to change when he gets up with Pumpkin but can’t sacrifice absorbency. While not our favourite diaper, this AIO can last the entire night without leaks.



These diapers are meant to fit babies from 8-35 pounds, and while the fit will be extremely bulky on a smaller baby, you shouldn’t have any trouble making this diaper fit throughout the diapering years.



For an affordable AIO diaper, these are excellent quality. The stitching is even and tight, and we haven’t had any issues with loose or unravelling threads. The inner lining is charcoal bamboo, and the inserts are charcoal bamboo outer with microfiber inner layers. The materials all seem to be of high quality and are very soft- even the outer PUL is nice and smooth.


Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter 2



Due to the increased absorbency of these bulky wetter diapers, Fluffy Dragon Diapers’ AIO has a slightly awkward fit. We weren’t able to fit this on Pumpkin using the smallest rise setting (like all our other one-size diapers), we had to go up a rise setting because there’s so much bulk from the attached insert. I can’t imagine this would fit a tiny (8 lb.) baby all that well, but even on the middle rise (a rise larger than usual) this still fits Pumpkin well and we haven’t had any leaks.


Ease of Use

This is pretty easy to use AIO. You only have to attach this to your baby and go, no folding or stuffing required. The extra insert is only attached at one side, which allows this diaper to wash quickly and easily. These also dry surprisingly quickly; after just one night hangs drying, these are ready to be worn. The one thing that would make these better is if there was a velcro option. This isn’t a big deal- we prefer velcro overnight.

Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter 3  Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter 4


These are a very affordable AIO- especially for one designed with extra absorbency. At $11.50 each, you would only need to use this diaper 46 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables.



Fluffy Dragon Diapers offers this AIO Heavy Wetter diaper in 4 different prints. The prints available are charming, but I wish there were more print options, as well as some solid colours. If you build your entire stash out of these diapers, you’re going to have a lot of repeats, but if you only use these overnight and wash every three days, then you only really need 4.



Fluffy Dragon Diapers’ AIO Heavy Wetter is an excellent, affordable AIO. This is a great diaper to use when you’re going to be out of the house, but still easy enough to use all the time. Bottom line: Yes, I would repurchase this. I wouldn’t make my entire stash out of these, but they are great for overnight, so I would buy a few to use exclusively during our nighttime hours.

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