Best Bottom AI2 System

Best Bottom AI2 System 1

Longevity: 9/10

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

After using the Best Bottom Diapers AI2 system, with bamboo inserts, I realize that these are my favorite diapers. These are the best diapers we’ve found for nighttime, and we will be ordering more inserts, so we don’t have to do laundry as often.


Best Bottom one-size diapers are meant to last from birth to 35+ pounds. The inserts that snap income in 3 different sizes small (birth-14lbs), medium (11-22lbs), and large (16-35lbs). You should easily be able to use this cover from birth through potty training while using an insert that matches your baby’s weight.


These are an excellent quality AI2 cover, with sturdy snaps and double PUL. All of the sewing on this diaper is clean, and the materials are of high quality. There are double leg gussets as well as back and tummy gussets to help contain leaks. The inserts are silky soft; they are some of the most delicate bamboo inserts I have ever touched. The bamboo inserts do shed little fluffs at first, but that is resolved after a few washes.

Best Bottom AI2 System 2


The fit of the Best Bottom AI2 system is excellent. At 16 pounds, Pumpkin is on the second row of rising snaps with plenty of room to grow both in the rise and waist. We tried the medium-sized inserts, and the fit of those is perfect as well. On the middle rise setting, the medium inserts fit perfectly and can snap in both the front and back without any awkward bunching or stretching. These diapers, when paired with the bamboo inserts, are incredibly trim, without sacrificing absorbency. The fit of these is excellent, and we’ve never experienced a leak.

Ease of Use:

Best Bottom Diapers AI2 system is incredibly easy to use. When wet you unsnap the insert and snap a dry one back in. You can reuse the cover 3-4 times, or until soiled. This type of system also makes laundry much more comfortable. With an AI2 system, there are a lot fewer covers to wash, which means fewer covers to hang dry, which reduces time spent washing. The covers also dry extremely quickly, much faster than other styles. In all honesty, I find these just as easy to use as AIO’s.

Best Bottom AI2 System 3

Best Bottom AI2 System 4


At $18.95 for each shell and $6.95 for an insert, this is a reasonably affordable diapering option. You only need to use a cover 76 times, and an insert 28 times before they become cheaper than disposables. Since you only need a single protection per 3-4 inserts, it’s easy to get your money worth with these diapers.


Best Bottom offers so many cute prints and colors. The best part? Impressions are the same price as solid colors! I love their variety of prints and colors- you should easily be able to find a copy you enjoy or a beautiful color combination for your baby.


We are very in love with AI2 systems, and Best Bottom Diapers is no exception! The quality is superb, the inserts and covers are a perfect fit, and they are adorable to boot! Bottom line: Yes, I would rebuy this. As we are exclusively using these for nighttime, I plan on ordering another cover and a handful more inserts so we can go a few days between washes. I would highly recommend these for those looking for a comfortable, yet affordable, diapering option.

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