The Best Ways to Utilize Happy BeeHinds

The Best Ways to Utilize Happy BeeHinds 1

Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


We are always looking for new AIO’s to try- especially ones made out of highly absorbent materials on the off chance they might work for nighttime. While we don’t use the Happy BeeHinds Hybrid AIO for bedtime, it’s a high and affordable daytime AIO.



The Happy BeeHinds Hybrid AIO is a one-size diaper meant to fit from 8-35 pounds. This diaper seems to run slightly on the smaller size but should still fit through the entire weight range. The fact that it runs somewhat smaller appears to mean that this diaper won’t fit awkwardly on an eight pounder and should provide an excellent trim fit on a 35 pounder. Hopefully, your little one won’t outgrow the absorbency before they outgrow the diaper.



For the price, this diaper is very high quality. The stitching is beautiful and even (without any loose strings), and the materials are high quality. The bamboo velour lining is really soft and well put together, unlike some other bamboo velours found in diapers which are rougher and leak little fuzzies everywhere. Unlike other affordable AIO’s, there is no microfiber in the inserts, so these diapers should absorb a lot!


The Best Ways to Utilize Happy BeeHinds 2



The fit on this diaper is pretty decent. At a little over 16 pounds, this diaper fits Pumpkin well, without being too tight or revealing any significant thigh gaps. The elastic on the legs of this diaper isn’t super fast, which is nice because it doesn’t leave any red marks, but we have had a few minor leaks out the sides when Pumpkin is moving around. The holes haven’t been very significant, just a little bit out the sides when he manages to fold the diaper over on itself and expose some of the absorbent material.

Since we’ve had a few leaks with this diaper, we decided to try it overnight (8-12 hours). Unfortunately, it didn’t quite have enough absorbency to last the entire night (granted, we had only washed it 3-4 times, so absorbency probably wasn’t at its max). But we have decided that this diaper is a right nap diaper. During nap time, Pumpkin doesn’t move around as much, and the absorbency can easily last 2-5 hours.


Ease of Use

This Happy BeeHinds Hybrid AIO has some sewn-in absorbency and a snap-in insert, similar to an AI2. I wish the insert was sewn in on one end so I wouldn’t have to match that specific insert to the diaper after washing, but it’s accessible to snap-in, and I can’t complain too much. This diaper then attaches to baby like any other diaper, but the bamboo velour interior makes this diaper somewhat slippery. I don’t struggle much, but my husband struggles to no end getting this diaper on Pumpkin. Whenever my husband pulls up the front of the diaper, the back slides out and vice versa. If you aren’t very skilled at holding the diaper in place while putting it on (and practice does make perfect), you might want to find a diaper with a slightly more grippy interior.

The Best Ways to Utilize Happy BeeHinds 3  The Best Ways to Utilize Happy BeeHinds 4


At $10.50 for an AIO, these diapers are very affordable. You’d only need to use this diaper  42 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables! At this price, you could affordably build your stash out of AIO’s.



There are a lot of cute prints available in the Happy BeeHinds Hybrid AIO. I think I counted 15 prints and two solids on their website. Prints are not any more expensive than solids, which is nice. There is also a wide variety of boy, girl, and gender-neutral prints available. I’m currently drooling over the green cactus print because of cactus. 😉 You could quickly build your stash out of these diapers and only repeat on a few prints/solids.



These are a great, affordable AIO diaper is you are looking to give AIO’s a try or are trying to bulk up your stash of diapers. The quality is surprisingly good for such an affordable product, and the absorbency holds up to our 16-pound boy. Bottom Line: No, I would not repurchase this … but … you might want to! I don’t want to write off this diaper, because it is good quality, but I would rather spend my money on an AIO with a different interior lining. If you know you like bamboo velour or think you might like it, then you should certainly give this diaper a try! We have one of these, and still, use it, but I wouldn’t buy another.

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