Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket

EF97_97bed0c6-953c-400d-8a36-13aab4ea914a_800xLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

This pocket diaper is one of the best fitting and best thought out of all we have tried. As an added benefit, when Pumpkin rolls around wearing this diaper, we get to call him an egg roll. 😉


This diaper is a one size which should fit babies from roughly 8-35 pounds. While this diaper initially seemed slightly smaller than our other one size diapers, it has a lot of stretch. Owing to the amount of stretch, this diaper shouldn’t be too bulky on a smaller baby but should still stretch to fit a larger toddler. You should be able to use this diaper throughout the entire diapering years.


For being so affordable, the Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket is of great quality. The stitching is all even and the materials are all soft, even the PUL. We have washed this diaper many times now and it’s holding up great. This should hold up to years of use and repeated washing. I also love that the interior is a mesh instead of fleece, which seems to keep Pumpkin cooler and more comfortable. The coffee infusion also boasts antibacterial properties (not sure how well this works) and is a brown color which hides stains! We absolutely love the inner materials of this diaper. The included insert is also of really high quality with nice edges and strong materials.


This diaper has stretchy tabs. Not just elastic in the back which allow this diaper to stretch to fit, but actual elasticy (not a real word, I know) tabs. The tabs are not PUL but are a spandex like material that allows you to pull them tight to the correct snaps, giving a perfect fit every time (similar to the waist of a disposable diaper). I absolutely love this feature as Pumpkin usually has a little bit of waist gap, but with this design we can get the waist nice and snug without squishing his thighs. This is also a really easy snap diaper to fit onto the baby, especially for those not used to cloth diapers. We have never had a leak with this diaper and with the perfect fit, I’m sure we never will.

Ease of Use:

Honestly, my favorite part about the Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket diaper has nothing to do with the fit and everything to do with the pocket system. This diaper has an opening at the back and the front of the diaper. This means that I can easily stuff the diaper from whatever direction is most comfortable and I can remove the insert from whatever direction is least yucky. This is a wonderful feature and I wish that every pocket diaper were like this.

The Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket comes with a hemp/cotton insert, which does take some prep. We boiled our insert for a few minutes and then washed with whatever laundry we had (about 4 loads, so 4 washes). This was the perfect amount of prep to start with as it absorbed plenty right away (enough to last a few hours during the day) but has gotten more absorbent with subsequent washes (enough to last half the night).


At $8.50, this diaper is an absolute steal. At that price you only need to use this diaper 34 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. This is the price that I would expect for a diaper that includes a basic microfiber insert but the Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket comes with a hemp/cotton insert which makes this diaper a great deal.


The Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket diaper comes in a variety of cute prints. I just counted and there are something like 25 prints and solids, with the all colors/prints listed for the same price. There is a good variety of boy, girl, and gender neutral prints which makes it easy to build a stash for any baby without many repeats.


For such an affordable diaper, the Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket really blew me away. We were literally able to get the perfect fit with this diaper, unlike many of our other diapers which currently fit Pumpkin awkwardly (darn growth spurts). Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. The dark, meshy interior with double pocket openings and the awesome fit make this diaper 100% worth buying.

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*I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

7 thoughts on “Happy BeeHinds Perfect Fit Pocket

  1. Have you tried any of the covers as I bought a few when my little one was a newborn and they were super thin and my lo kept leaking. Although there are many cute prints I can’t help but think if it only happened to me or if all of the diapers are like that.


      1. I have tried other covers. I have one no name brand that are not as thick but they are work okay. Then all the Alvas I have are fine. Besides that these ones are the only ones that I have that have always leaked, so I don’t even use them anymore. It’s too bad cause I just love the prints. I use flour sack towels under the covers.


    1. We didn’t try them when Pumpkin was a newborn but check back in 4 years for a review when we have our next baby! 😉 But in all seriousness, maybe just order one and see how it performs? If you like it you can always order more! Good luck!


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