Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants

Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants 1

Longevity: 7/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Everyone who cloth diapers know how much of a struggle it is to find pants that comfortably fit over a cloth diaper. Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants were created so solve that problem, and so I was very, very excited to try out a pair. They have exceeded my expectations, and I am happy that I gave them a try.



These pants are available in two sizes and are not a one size fits all. The first size is 0-16 pounds and the second is 17-24 pounds. While they aren’t a one size fits all, the two dimensions should last you easily until your kid starts walking/running and no longer wants footed pants.



Wobble Bottoms are of excellent quality. The stitching is all very even and professional- honestly, these look like pants you would buy in the store. The fabric used is incredibly soft and stretchy, allowing these to fit comfortably on any sized baby. The material is also lovely and warm while still being lightweight and breathable. These pants also come pre-washed and dried so you won’t need to worry about shrinkage when you first wash these; which is a huge relief and shows that Wobble Bottoms goes the extra distance to make your life easier.


Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants 2



When I ordered these for Pumpkin, I wasn’t entirely sure which size to get (he’s barely 16 pounds, and has been for quite some time) so when I selected custom-sized pants, I just put in the comments that he typically wears size nine-month pants. When I tried them on Pumpkin, the fit was perfect! They aren’t so loose that he’ll get lost in them but are large enough to allow room to grow. There is plenty of room in the butt to accommodate a cloth diaper, but they don’t look baggy, which is a huge plus.


Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants 3  Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants 4


Ease of Use

Wobble Bottoms make diaper changes a breeze. The elastic waistband is nice and stretchy, which lets these pants slide on and off baby with just a gentle tug. We were using zippered footy pj’s for night time, but we have mostly switched to these pants with a warm onesie underneath. These are so much easier to get Pumpkin’s feet into than footy pyjamas, and we don’t have to fight with getting the zipper closed over his bulky diaper. I wasn’t entirely sure how much use these would get out of us during daytime as I don’t mind socks, but these beat socks any day because you don’t have to worry about socks accidentally getting dirty during diaper changes.

The only issue I had with these pants when putting them on Pumpkin was figuring out whether the pattern was on the top of his feet or the bottom. Once I put them on him a few times, I realised I only needed to pay attention to which side of his waist the tag was on and then the feet would be the correct orientation. I don’t want to talk about how many times that took me to figure that out.



At anywhere from $9-15 a pair, Wobble Bottoms are a little more expensive than what I usually spend on pants for Pumpkin. But when I ran to the store today I noted that a lot of the pants were around $7 a pair and you still need to buy socks, and they don’t fit well over a cloth diaper, so Wobble Bottoms don’t seem quite so pricey anymore. And once you consider that each pair is handmade, Wobble Bottoms are the better deal.



Wobble Bottoms are available in a variety of lovely solids, cute prints, and adorable partial prints. I am especially in love with all of their fun feet partial prints which are available in many attractive holidays themed prints. You will undoubtedly find a pair of pants to match any outfit or style you want.

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