Bummis PURE AIO 1


Longevity: 7/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10


Bummis PURE AIO diapers are sporty. They have a nice athletic material wicking fabric on the inside that will keep baby nice and dry. If you’re worried about micro fleece against your babies bottom, this might be a great brand to try as there is no micro fleece but will still provide a stay dry feel.



This diaper is a one size meant to fit from birth through potty training. Bummis do seem to run a little small so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting this on a newborn (other than it might be a touch bulky) but I’m not 100% certain this would fit through potty training.



This is a truly well thought out and well made diaper. The insert is attached on one end and slides into a pocket; allowing you to also stuff the pocket with extra absorbency if need be. This design also allows you to choose whether you want the insert on top or the stay dry material, which is a really nice option. The fabric on this is soft and the stitching is all even. This diaper is definitely a quality product and you can tell it’s well made. There aren’t any loose threads and I doubt there ever will be (we’ve already washed this diaper about 10 times…).


Bummis PURE AIO 2



The Bummis PURE AIO fits Pumpkin well. He’s on the middle rise setting but I think I’ll need to go up one more because when I try to put this on him, unless I really finagle around, he ends up with a little bit of plumbers crack. There is still plenty of room in the waist and enough rise that I’m content for now. I’m not 100% sure how this diaper will fit once he’s closer to potty training age but I’m also not sure how much taller he’ll get, I guess we’ll wait and see. With this diaper seemingly being smaller though, you should easily be able to use this on a newborn.

The best part of the fit on this diaper though, the part I really love, is the back elastic. Because this is an AIO (that has an internal pocket) and doesn’t need to be stuffed like a traditional pocket, the back elastic on this diaper is very strong and stretchy. The Bummis PURE AIO can hold in literally everything and we have never experienced a leak.


Ease of Use

For an AIO that offers a lot of options, this diaper is surprisingly easy to use. With this diaper you can choose to stuff the attached insert into the interior front pocket or leave the insert out. You can also choose to stuff additional absorbency into the pocket if you need it. Yet, even with all those options, this diaper is still very intuitive. The attached insert naturally wants to fold into the pocket, making it easy to slip inside, but the top of the insert is very soft which helps illustrate that the insert can also be used on top. I also just love how easy this diaper is to stuff. We haven’t needed any extra absorbency (yay!) but I tried stuffing a hemp doubler into the pocket along with the attached insert and both fit great.

I also love the snaps on this diaper. They seem easier to snap in place than some of the other snap diapers we have and it’s intuitive where the snaps go (no awkward skipping a snap or aligning diagonally).

Bummis PURE AIO 3  Bummis PURE AIO 4


At CA$27.95 (roughly $22 US), these are not the most affordable AIO diapers I’ve seen but are also not the most expensive. If you’re concerned about micro fleece and want a different (more of a mesh) material, these could be worth the extra money. If you’re also looking for a versatile AIO that will be easy for everyone to use, these are also worth the money. If you’re looking for a super simple AIO to try out, there are cheaper and more basic options out there.



Bummis offers some really cute prints and some gorgeous solids but I wish there were more. If you built your stash out of these diapers, you would end up repeating a few colors or patterns, especially if you’re trying to stick with gender neutral patterns. That being said, because their solid colors are so vibrant and gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind repeating a few of those and can’t really knock the diaper for lack of tons of color choices.



The Bummis PURE AIO is a really solid all in one diaper that offers some versatility for varying families. I love the fact that I can tuck the attached insert into the pocket and have it out of the way or use it on top of the pocket if I want a different material against baby. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. But, I wouldn’t build my entire stash out of these diapers because they’re a little pricier, they would repeat colors, and they might not fit all the way through potty training. I would still definitely give these diapers a try, especially if you want an interior that’s still stay dry but isn’t micro fleece.

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