Little Ocean’s Fluff Pocket

il_570xN.1394672366_6j4cLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

It’s taken me so long to write a review for this diaper because every time I went to take pictures of Pumpkin wearing this, it was in the dirty laundry. This is obviously the diaper my husband reaches for first (probably because it’s easy to use) and the one I reach for first because of the adorable print!


This is a one size diaper meant to fit from around 8-35 pounds. This diaper seems to run true to size and you shouldn’t have a problem using this from a little after birth until potty training.


The quality of this Little Ocean’s Fluff diaper is great. This isn’t a hand sewn diaper that radiates perfection but you can tell it was made in a factory that cares for the items being produced. The stitching is even and the materials all seem to be of high quality. We have using this diaper for weeks and washed it tons with no visible signs of wear. I’m certain that this diaper will stand the test of time.


The fit of this diaper is great on Pumpkin. The fit is similar to Bitty Bum Baby Pocket and Love My Pocket Diapers which is the fit we tend to prefer. What I love about the way this diaper fits is that it should fit a wide variety of babies. Unlike diapers which tend to run narrow or wide, this diaper is nicely in the middle. We stuffed this diaper with a newborn sized prefold (folded in thirds) and haven’t had a single leak.

Ease of Use:

While not as easy to use as an AIO, this diaper is easy to stuff and put on baby. The pocket opening is nice and wide to accommodate easy stuffing but isn’t so large that the insert sneaks out while the diaper is being warn. The snaps on this diaper are also nice and easy to use- meaning that I don’t struggle snapping this diaper onto Pumpkin during the 45 seconds he actually stays on his back for a diaper change.


At $8 each you would only need to use this diaper about 32 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. Little Ocean’s Fluff diapers don’t come with any inserts so you will need to purchase those separately and you will also need to pay $4 shipping. Even with those extra costs, these diapers are still a pretty good deal, especially when you consider they are from a small shop.


This baby wearing print is just perfection. I can not get enough of the painted animals all wearing their babies. The other prints that Little Ocean’s Fluff offers are also cute, but the baby wearing animals are my favorite. I wish that Little Ocean’s Fluff offered more prints (there are currently only 3 in rotation) because the prints that they do have are so gorgeous, I’m sure other prints would be equally striking. If you wanted to build your stash out of only these diapers, you would have a lot of repeats.


The Little Ocean’s Fluff baby wearing animals pocket diaper is a gorgeous and practical option for any cloth diapered child. It should fit a wide variety of babies and is easy to use. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. If Little Ocean’s Fluff releases some new prints similar to this one (darker colors, nature related) I will definitely be buying more diapers from them!

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*I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

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