LilyBee Bums Pocket

Size_2_Fig_grandeLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

LilyBee Bums pocket diapers are very similar to Applecheeks sized diapers in style. The fit is a little different though, and for us, much better! The LilyBee Bums pocket diaper will be a perfect fit if you have a skinnier baby who struggles with one size diapers.


The LilyBee Bums pocket diapers come in a wide variety of sizes and although you will have to buy a couple different sizes to last your baby from birth through potty training the sizes are generous and you should only need 2 (maybe 3) different sizes to last years.


The LilyBee Bums diapers are so high quality that I’m sure they will last us for years, through multiple children. The materials are nice and soft and the stitching is all even and smooth. I also like that the pocket is large enough to stuff into so I’m not worried about stretching it out and making this diaper unusable just from stuffing.


I honestly can not say enough about the fit of this diaper, it is that perfect. LilyBee Bums diapers come in 4 sizes: size 1 (6-18lbs), size 2 (16-35lbs), size 3 (32-50lbs), and size 4 (50-100lbs). These size ranges are similar to Applecheeks but smaller (by a pound or two) and when we laid the two on top of each other, the LilyBee Bums diaper is narrower as well. Pumpkin, at 18 pounds, fits perfectly in the size 2. He has always been a fairly lean baby and so we prefer a diaper with a narrower fit. The LilyBee Bums diaper is exactly the right size to allow plenty of coverage (no leaks here!) without being bulky and awkward fitting.

Ease of Use:

These diapers are probably some of the easiest pocket diapers I have ever used. The pocket opening is towards the front of the diaper, making this super easy to stuff with an insert. I can also stuff any insert into this diaper (included a trifold prefold) without it getting all crinkled up in the diaper. I also like the fact that the insert tends to agitate out in the wash, meaning that I don’t have to spend time unstuffing a yucky diaper before throwing in the wash. Honestly, pocket diapers don’t get any easier than this.



At $19 each, you would need to use this diaper approximately 76 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. The LilyBee Bums pocket diapers cost a little more than what I typically like to spend on a pocket diaper, but it’s honestly worth it for such a superb fit. And this is a handmade item which I would expect to pay more money for anyways, someone had to actually sit down and sew this diaper.


To add to the list of things I just can’t get over with this diaper is the cuteness factor. LilyBee Bums offer many cute patterns and absolutely gorgeous solids. Normally I am all about the patterns, but with LilyBee Bums I want all the solids. The solids are rich and gorgeous, unlike the typical boring baby colored solids offered by many other companies.


Yes, LilyBee Bums diapers are a little more expensive than your average pocket diaper. Yes, you will have to buy at least two sizes to get you from birth through potty training. But, the fit of these diapers are so perfect that the extra cost is worth it and these are so easy to use, you won’t regret spending the extra money for getting to spend less time stuffing and unstuffing pockets. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. And yes, I would buy these instead of Applecheeks, hands down.

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*I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*


11 thoughts on “LilyBee Bums Pocket

  1. I love the ruffles, as well as the trim and slim fit!!!! I love how they have more snaps then ACs and a slight angle to them! I love all the awesome prints and patterns. I love the costumer service MJ gives! I have used sz 1s and 2s both on two different baby’s/toddlers of mine boy and girl. They are perfect for both genders! I use the “lay in” insert method and use 2 ply AC inserts. I also use ACs and LOVE THESE MORE!!!! If I could, I would convert to LilyBee 100%! I should state I have used: Alva, Best Bottoms, BG (all types), Rumperooz, Imagine, Nicki’s, Wool, covers/fitteds (many brands to list), Happy Flutes, AMP, and I’m sure a thousand more I do not even remember!!!!! So I can honestly vouch that these are amazing! Oh, they are so trim you can put jeans on your baby!


  2. These quickly became our favorite diapers and most of our stash is now Lily Bee! My daughter has fit into a size 2 since we first tried them around 4 months old and she is only on the second snap out as we begin potty training. She loves them for how soft and pretty they are. I love them for the amazing fit even underneath regular clothes, the beautiful prints and colors, and of course RUFFLES!!


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