Just Simply Baby Pocket Diaper

image_a2981710-5ddb-497e-a7f5-9a999f8bb7d3_2048x2048Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 9/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

I was a little skeptical at first about the Just Simply Baby pocket diapers- it was a brand I hadn’t heard much about and I didn’t want to spend $10.99 on something I wasn’t sure about (even though I really wanted the Adventure Awaits print). Then they ran a promotion where I got a $5 gift card and I took a risk and bought one… I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this diaper. It has features that set it apart from other pockets and I can’t believe that I haven’t seen tons of reviews on this brand. I’m definitely glad I took the risk on Just Simply Baby pocket diapers and would love to order more.


The Just Simply Baby pocket diaper is a one size diaper meant to fit from birth through potty training. And you shouldn’t need to buy more than one size of these to last you through all the stages your baby grows through.


Just Simply Baby pocket diapers seem to be decent quality. The only notable difference I’ve noticed between these and other pocket diapers is the snaps. The Just Simply Baby snaps seem to be a little bit lighter weight plastic than other brands. Time will tell how well the snaps hold up to repeated use but so far they seem to fine. The PUL seems to be of similar quality to other brands and I’m not worried about delamination. I will update if we have any issues.

Fit: IMG_7584

The fit on this Just Simply Baby pocket diaper is similar to other brands of this style but this diaper should fit better on a smaller baby due to the inner leg gussets. While the diaper might look awkward on a tiny baby, you probably won’t have any leaks with that double gusset system. The fit on Pumpkin at almost 20 pounds is great. We have the snaps where we typically do, allowing us a tight fit without leaving any red marks. We haven’t had a single leak with this diaper and I doubt we ever will.

Ease of Use:

This diaper is fairly easy to use- just stuff with something absorbent and attach to baby. The double gussets prevent leaks and the pocket itself is fairly easy to stuff. There isn’t anything confusing or unclear about this diaper- neither my husband nor the nanny struggle with this one so I consider that a win.


At $10.99 you would need to use this diaper approximately 44 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables and you will need to also find something to stuff inside this diaper. While I was hesitant at first to spend the money on this unknown to me diaper, I’m glad I did. The inner gussets are worth the extra $2.99 you pay over an Alva pocket, especially when everything else is essentially the same. You could definitely afford to build an entire stash out of these pockets without breaking the bank.


The whole reason I wanted to try a Just Simply Baby diaper was because of their adorable Adventure Awaits print. I seriously can’t resist a diaper with mountains on it. But besides Adventure Awaits, Just Simply Baby offers a wide variety of adorable prints. The price of each diaper varies depending on the print, which while slightly annoying isn’t a deal breaker. The one cuteness factor that irks me though is how large the label is. The Just Simply Baby label attached to the diaper is so large that it detracts from some of the designs- I wish it was a smaller rectangle. But- you could build your entire stash out of this brand without repeating a print, which is awesome.


While not my favorite diaper, I’m glad I took the risk on the Just Simply Baby pocket diaper. The inner leg gussets are fantastic and the prints are adorable. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again.

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