Bumpadum Aviva Diaper

JarvisFrontEdited_3b075cd8-f1b5-4c80-b2b1-fc006cc00878_largeLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 6/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

I like the Bumpadum Aviva Organic Cotton Diaper a lot more than I like their stay dry option- in fact, the Aviva is my second favorite product I received from Bumpadum. The absorbency of the organic cotton is greater than the stay dry and the fit is more trim.


The Bumpadum Aviva Organic Cotton diaper is meant to last from 3 months to 3 years. They offer a newborn size diaper to get you through those first couple of months but this diaper starts at a higher weight (11 lbs) than other one size diapers so you certainly won’t be able to use it with your tiny baby (although you can use it up to 33 pounds). As there aren’t any crossover snaps on this diaper (side snap design) you also can’t hack it to fit a newborn- so you will need to buy a newborn size diaper if you go this route (although you won’t need to buy trainers because these can slip on and off with a toddler…).


Bumpadum Aviva is a gorgeous quality diaper. The colors are vibrant, the materials are soft (and stretchy!) and the stitching is all even and secure. I could definitely see this diaper lasting through years of diapering. The inserts, being organic cotton, are lightweight and don’t bunch up. Also, because these unsnap from the diaper they can be thrown in the dryer and so don’t get as crunchy as some of our other organic cotton diapers.

Fit: IMG_8545

I like the fit of the Bumpadum Aviva much better than the Bumpadum Duet. The organic cotton material doesn’t bunch up on Pumpkin the way the stay-dry did and the diaper itself is much more trim fitting. This diaper is not much bulkier than a disposable when worn under pants.

At 20 pounds, Pumpkin is the ideal weight for this diaper. There is a ton of absorbency while still looking trim and not having any leg gaps. This diapers are better suited for a lean baby and offer a fit similar to Smart Bottoms AIO or the Thirsties Natural AIO. There have been no leaks with the Aviva organic cotton diaper and no close calls either.

Ease of Use:

As with the Duet stay-dry, the Aviva is an AIO diaper with snap out inserts, making it a breeze to wash, prepare, and use. I’ve had mixed emotions about this style in the past but having spent a long time stuffing pockets and waiting for AIO’s with sewn in inserts to dry, I’ve realized that this style is the best of all worlds. You can detach the absorbency to dry in the dryer while hang drying the diaper itself but can quickly assemble this diaper and put it on baby.

Now for the part of this diaper that makes it more difficult to use: side snaps. Side snaps by themselves are not necessarily an issue but with the flap style absorbency (only attached on one end) these diapers can sometimes be a struggle to wrangle onto the baby. I will say that this diaper, being less bulky than the Duet, is a lot easier to put on Pumpkin. I don’t have as much bulk to tuck into the diaper and can get it on him faster.


At roughly $12.62 for the diaper (and insert) and $7 international shipping, the Bumpadum Aviva is an affordable organic AIO option. You would only need to use this diaper about 79 times before it becomes cheaper than a disposable and if you order multiple diapers at once (pay less for shipping) then the amount of times before they’ve paid for themselves goes down significantly. You can also buy extra inserts for $3.70 each if you wanted to use this diaper as an AI2.


Bumpadum offers some seriously cute prints. I love that you can get diapers in different styles with the same prints and wet bags to match. There should be a print to make everyone happy- a lot of gender neutral prints as well as cute girly prints and some boy themed ones too. You should be able to build your stash out of Bumpadum diapers without repeating too many prints.


I like the Bumpadum Aviva way better than the Duet. The organic cotton is so absorbent yet so trim allowing the diaper to fit nicely. The only grievance that I have is that stained and I can’t get those darn stains out no matter how much lemon juice and sun I apply… Argh!  Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. If you are wanting to try a Bumpadum diaper, but aren’t sure which style to get, go with the Aviva especially if you have a lean baby who fits well in trim cut diapers.

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*I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

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