BambooDrive Pocket Diaper

Bear_Pocket_1024x1024@2xLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 7/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

We love pocket diapers at our house- they are perfect for sending to daycare and are the only diapers Daddy will put on Pumpkin. These BambooDrive pocket diapers are great, with features that set them apart while still remaining easy to use. I can’t wait to get some more of these for our stash!


BambooDrive pocket diapers are a one size diaper meant to fit from birth through potty learning or 7-33 pounds. I don’t know how well these would fit on a 7 pounder but they are a little smaller than some of our other one size diaper, so I’d imagine you could use them sooner. They also have an extra inner gusset which would help in being able to use these diapers sooner potentially on a baby who isn’t as wide. Pumpkin is 20 pounds and he still has room to grow in this diaper so I am betting you could easily use this diaper for a few years.


The PUL on this diaper is nice and soft- while still being leakproof. The bamboo interior is a great material- fairly soft without being slippery. You don’t get quite the same stay-dry feel as you would with fleece interior diapers but this bamboo interior is great for those families trying to stay with natural fibers or for those whose babies aren’t sensitive to wetness. The stitching on this diaper is even and the elastic is secure- I’m not worried about it falling apart anytime soon. The only part of this diaper that I feel is a little lesser quality is the snaps- they seem to be a flimsier/lighter plastic than some other diapers we use. While I’m not concerned about these snaps breaking- if you are super hard on snaps or prefer really strong plastic, you might have a problem with this pocket diaper.


The BambooDrive pocket diaper fits Pumpkin wonderfully. The snaps (and placement of hip snaps) keeps the diaper securely in place- even when he’s crawling, climbing, or running. The inner double gusset (built into the liner of the diaper) will help to keep all the yuck contained meaning that even if someone (me… whoops) doesn’t get the fit perfect, you still shouldn’t have any leaks. And at 20 pounds, Pumpkin is on the middle rise setting of this diaper, meaning it would have fit comfortably 10 pounds ago and should still fit comfortably 10 pounds from now.

Ease of Use:

This BambooDrive pocket diaper is basically foolproof. Simply stuff something absorbent into the pocket (BambooDrive bamboo inserts are perfect!) and attach to baby. There are double gussets to stop any mess if you didn’t get the fit perfect, a belly band for tummy sleepers, and nice wide wings to help keep the diaper up and on! BambooDrive has taken a standard pocket diaper and made it foolproof- you can’t go wrong with how easy this diaper is to use. I just wish it unstuffed itself- oh well, you can’t have everything.

The one thing I wanted to note is that this diaper does take a little longer to air dry because the liner is bamboo. This isn’t a bad thing because the liner can act like an extra layer of absorbency when on, unlike pockets with fleece. But this is something to keep in mind if you have a small stash and need your diapers to dry overnight- you might need to throw these pockets in the dryer for a few minutes to fully dry.



At $8.99 without an insert and $13.99 with 2 inserts, BambooDrive pocket diapers are very reasonably priced. You would only need to use this diaper 36 or 56 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. And the best part about this pocket diaper is that if you choose to buy inserts, they are not the super junky microfiber inserts that come with some cheaper pockets. The inserts are a nice bamboo material which absorbs a ton and is nice and soft. The extra cost is definitely worth it for a nice pair of bamboo inserts.


BambooDrive offers their pocket diapers in a variety of prints. There are boyish prints, girlish prints, and gender neutral prints. If you wanted to build a stash out of BambooDrive pockets, you would hardly need to repeat a print to a have a complete collection. Some of the prints are cuter than others but you are certain to find a set of prints you love with BambooDrive.


For such an affordable pocket diaper, I’m thoroughly impressed. BambooDrive offers an easy to use pocket with nicer features than some of the other cheap pocket diapers we’ve tried. I also love that you have the option of buying these pockets with or without amazing inserts. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. BambooDrive pockets are a great pocket diaper option, especially for people wanting more natural fibers in their diapers or who are worried about a perfect fit.

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*I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

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