Lil Helper AIO

Lil Helper AIO 1

Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 7/10

Fit: 7/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

I was so excited to try a Lil Helper diaper- they always post the funniest things on social media, and I love a company that isn’t 100% about promoting their business, one that is more interested in building lasting relationships with their customers. The new prints are adorable, but the diaper itself fell short of my expectations.


The Lil Helper charcoal AIO is designed to fit babies from 7-35 pounds. With the multiple absorption options- you should be able to use this diaper early (I would say closer to 10 pounds) and it should last until 35 pounds. The fit of the diaper seems generous, and I could imagine this lasting through potty learning.


This diaper is so, so soft! The exterior is butter smooth, the interior fabric is fluffy and sweet, and the entire diaper is soft and comfy feeling. I am confident that the material will last for a long time. What I am not satisfied will continue is the snaps. The snaps on this Lil Helper AIO seem cheap and flimsy. They are not the quality I’ve come to expect from other diapers in this price point, and I’m nervous that they might break with heavy use.

Lil Helper AIO 2


Lil Helper AIO diapers do not fit Pumpkin well, no matter what I do. When I use both inserts, the diaper is so bulky, that I can’t get a decent fit. We end up with gapping at the waist while the legs are too tight. When we only use the smaller insert, the fit is much better, but there isn’t enough absorbency, and we end up with minor leaks. I wish that this diaper had an option to use just the larger insert because I think that would be the perfect compromise- maybe I should invest in some snap caps?

Ease of Use:

This Lil Helper AIO has snapped in inserts which allow you to use this diaper like an AIO but still get the inserts super clean like an AI2. You can potentially reuse the shell and replace the inserts like an AI2, but you can’t do this if they stay dry on the cover is wet (which in our case it always was). This could potentially be a fantastic diaper system if you’re looking for an AIO that gets super clean or if your kiddo is a light to moderate wetter and you can swap inserts.


Lil Helper AIO 3

Lil Helper AIO 4


At $24.95 each, you would only need to use this diaper 100 times before it becomes cheaper than a disposable. This Lil Helper diaper is a little more expensive than some other AIO’s we’ve tried. It is priced comparably to all-natural AIO’s but contains synthetic materials. Lil Helper does offer a trial diaper (or two) package which is 50% off (with free shipping) bringing the price down to a much more reasonable price point.


Lil Helper offers so many adorable prints- the new Space Dino’s edition is one of my absolute favorites! You could build your entire diaper stash out of Lil Helper diapers gorgeous solids and adorable prints without repeating many. Lil Helper has done a great job of providing a wide variety of prints to suit a variety of families and kiddos.


While I like this Lil Helper AIO, I was a little disappointed with the quality, and it is certainly not the first diaper we reach for. I would recommend Lil Helper for those with chunky babies or someone wanting an AIO/AI2 hybrid. Bottom Line: No, I would not repurchase this. Although I love Space Dino’s, I’m terrified of breaking a snap on this diaper, which makes me never want to use it.

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