KindlyCloths Pocket Diaper

KindlyCloths Pocket Diaper 1

Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Will I ever own enough dinosaur diapers? No. I just added this diaper to our stash without informing my husband, and literally, the next diaper change my husband plucked this from the shelf and exclaimed; “Dinosaurs! Where’d we get this one? We need more!”. So clearly KindlyCloths diapers are a hit with husbands.


KindlyCloths diapers are designed to fit babies from roughly 7-35 pounds. This diaper is cut a little smaller than some of our other one-size diapers so I am sure it could provide a tiny seven pounder. I’m not entirely sure how well it would fit at 35 pounds, but Pumpkin is 22 pounds and still has plenty of room to grow in this diaper. For an average-sized child, this diaper could easily last birth through potty learning.


This pocket diaper is impeccably made- the materials are soft but sturdy, the elastics are springy, and the snaps are robust. The sewing is also lovely and even and this diaper looks like it was professionally manufactured in a factory (everything is consistent). I have absolutely zero worries that this diaper wouldn’t hold up to everyday use. I’m confident this diaper could (and has) hold up to multiple piles of washing a week and frequent wear.


KindlyCloths Pocket Diaper 2


Like I mentioned earlier, the KindlyCloths pocket diaper is a little smaller than other one-size pockets we’ve tried, which leads to an ultra trim and fantastic fit. I can’t compare this pocket to others in terms of fit because it is so different- but Pumpkin has skinny-ish legs and a long backside and this diaper fit perfectly! I love that I can stuff the KindlyCloths pocket with something bulky (like a pad folded flat) and the fit is still trim and gorgeous. This is one of the few diapers we’ve tried that fit comfortably under a standard pair of pants.

Ease of Use:

As with the majority of pockets, you will need to stuff this diaper before use and unstuff before washing. Once you’ve stuffed the diaper, it goes on in one piece, without any annoying flaps or folds. The snaps are also straightforward to use- one on the top and one on the bottom, with a hip snap further back. My husband always forgets the hip snap, and this diaper stays on correctly, so I’ve stopped using that snap as well.

The only issue that I have with the use of this pocket diaper is the opening to stuff the diaper seems a little small. I frequently have a hard time stuffing my hand and the absorbency this diaper. There is no way my husband, with his slightly larger hands, could pad this pocket. If you have large hands, I would recommend mentioning that when you order so the pocket could potentially be made more substantial. The smaller pocket opening is not a deal-breaker. You need to make some sacrifices for a slimmer cut and a better fit. I would happily spend a few extra seconds, stuffing my hand into this diaper to get this fantastic trim fit.


KindlyCloths Pocket Diaper 3

KindlyCloths Pocket Diaper 4


At $20 for each pocket, without an insert, you would need to use the KindlyCloths pocket roughly 80 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. Using a cloth diaper 80 times is not an unreasonable expectation if you plan on washing every few days and have exactly the number you need in your stash. You could easily have your stash made out of these diapers and still, come out cheaper than disposables by potty learning time.


This dino print is the cutest. The absolute cutest. But we love all things green, so might be a little biased. Either way, KindlyCloths offers a ton of adorable prints and gorgeous solids that are certain to match any style. Solids are priced $2-6 (depending on how many you buy) cheaper than copies, which makes me much more motivated to buy some solids. While there aren’t a ton of print options available on Etsy right now, if you follow KindlyCloths on Instagram, you will see all of the fantastic possibilities. I have my eye on a few of the camping prints.


KindlyCloths pocket diapers fit like a glove, come in a wide variety of prints, and are offered at an affordable price (especially for a handmade diaper). Although they are slightly more difficult to stuff than some of our other pockets, they provide the trimmest fit that is absolute love. Bottom Line: Yes, I would rebuy this. I highly recommend that you give KindlyCloths diapers a try, especially if you have thinner kiddo and are looking for a trim pocket diaper.

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