6 Reasons Why People Love KayCircus Maxaloones !

6 Reasons Why People Love KayCircus Maxaloones ! 1

Longevity: 9/10

Quality: 10/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Jeans for cloth diapered bums are near impossible to find. Traditional jeggings are a little girly for our tastes. So what’s a material diapered baby to wear? KayCircus Maxaloones blue jean look macaroons. These cloth diaper pants are made to fit wonderfully over cloth diapers, all while looking like blue jeans. To make these pants perfect- they provide beautiful and loose, ideal for both boys and girls.

KayCircus Maxaloones Longevity:

KayCircus offers these pants in a variety of sizes: newborn, 0-6m, 3-18m, and 1-4y. We ordered the 1-4 year size for Pumpkin (15 months and 21 pounds) to maximise our use. With this size, you could quickly get 4 (or more) years of use out of these pants, which is impressive when so many kid’s clothes are outgrown in a month or two. I can’t wait to see how these pants fit Pumpkin in a few years.

KayCircus Maxaloones Quality:

These maxaloones by KayCircus are of outstanding quality. The material for the legs and bands is all the same soft, stretchy fabric, which means no fabric will wear faster than the rest. The structure is also high quality, and I have no doubt it will last for years (has already held up to once a week washes). The stitching is all even and professional, and you can see the craftsmanship that went into creating these pants.

6 Reasons Why People Love KayCircus Maxaloones ! 2

KayCircus Maxaloones Fit:

These seem to run a little larger than other maxaloones we’ve tried. These are still a bit large on Pumpkin at 21 pounds and 15 months, but they still fit without falling. Because they provide a little more significant, we prefer them for summer months (they’re nice and loose, so not too hot) and I’m hoping they will last us until he’s five or so. If you have a smaller (thinner or shorter) child, I would recommend going with the 3-18 month size until they are closer to 18 months old. If you have a larger child, these will comfortably fit them from 1-4 years.

I want to mention that I love the looser fit of these. They look less like leggings and more like pants- perfect for boys or girls who don’t want leggings. Sometimes I hate how tight-fitting maxaloones are, but these pants by KayCircus fit comfortably without making my son look goofy.

KayCircus Maxaloones Ease of Use:

Maxaloones do require a little more effort to put on your kiddo vs. standard sweatpants. With these, you will need to roll or fold the belly and leg bands to match the height of your kiddo. We finally (a year later) figured out the best way for us to fit maxaloones and that is to roll the belly band or drape it loosely however it falls and folds the leg bands over once. After a few uses of these maxaloones, you will figure out the best way to fit them for your child, and you will be throwing these on your kiddo with ease.


6 Reasons Why People Love KayCircus Maxaloones ! 3  6 Reasons Why People Love KayCircus Maxaloones ! 4

KayCircus Maxaloones Price:

At $23 a pair, plus shipping, you only need to use these pants for a year before they are cheaper than buying multiple pairs at a large retail chain. While the upfront cost can seem a little steep for some; you are supporting a small shop/WAHM and are paying for pants that will fit your child comfortably and last for years. Whenever Pumpkin needs a new pair of pants, I prefer to spend a little extra and buy one pair, knowing they will last for years.

KayCircus Maxaloones Cuteness:

KayCircus has created some comfy, well-fitting pants that look similar to jeans. I love the simplicity of the colours and styling of these pants. So often macaroons look babyish or are too colourful/bright so if you’re looking for some classy pants that will still fit well- these are perfect! KayCircus also offers a wide variety of other solid colours as well as a few select prints. You are sure to find a pair of pants that match your kiddo’s style. The couple we ordered was light heathered denim, and it’s the perfect colour for both boys or girls.


These KayCircus macaroons are my favourite pair we have tried so far. The fabric is so soft, the fit is so comfortable, and the colours are so simple. Bottom Line: Yes, I would repurchase this. I’m going to wait until the colder months and then order a couple more pairs (heathered olive, yes please!).

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