Sweet Peanut Baby Pocket

image_7b487a72-8f60-4920-9f48-bb36c18aa108_1024x1024@2xLongevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

The “Beakers and Bolts” print was what really drew me to Sweet Peanut Baby. As a scientist, I jump on the opportunity for Pumpkin to wear anything science related. I was happy to find the diapers (and the inserts!) are great quality and fit well.


Sweet Peanut Baby pocket diapers are a one size diaper meant to fit from birth to potty learning (or roughly 6-33 pounds). While this diapers might not fit perfectly on a smaller baby, you should be able to get 2 years of use out of these. The inserts are also average sized so they should last through all the different rise settings.


Sweet Peanut Baby pocket diapers are good quality for the price. The diapers are factory made so the stitching is nice and even. The fabric (both PUL and stay dry) is nice and soft. The blend of the hemp insert allows it to keep its’ shape inside of shrinking and wrinkling like the bamboo insert. But both inserts are very soft, with even stitching, and are a good size. I’m not worried about this diaper falling apart in the wash ever.


This Sweet Peanut Baby pocket fits like Alva pockets and other affordable pockets. It will fit a wide variety of babies but will fit best on chunkier/average sized kiddos. You will struggle getting a perfect fit on a newborn, at 20 pounds, this diaper fits Pumpkin perfectly. Even my husband (or daycare) is able to get a good fit with this diaper and we haven’t had any leaks. Pumpkin is squarely on the middle rise of this diaper- meaning it would have fit well when he was smaller and will still fit well when he’s bigger (if he ever grows…). I love the fact that I’m not worried about him outgrowing this diaper anytime soon.

Ease of Use:

This is a pocket diaper, which means you will have to stuff some absorbency into the diaper before use. You will also need to remove that absorbency before washing. That being said, when you use the Sweet Peanut Baby inserts, these diapers are extremely easy to stuff! The PUL isn’t sticky which makes these a lot easier to deal with. I also like how easy these are to spray off and clean. There are no weird gussets or flaps for poo to get stuck in or hide behind and they get clean in the wash easily.


At $8 for the diaper and $2 for the bamboo insert (or $3.50 for hemp), Sweet Peanut Baby diapers are very affordable. You would only need to use this diaper 40 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. These are definitely some of the more affordable cloth diapers available to buy.


Can we just talk about how adorable this beakers and bolts print is? I absolutely love it! It’s tasteful for either a boy or a girl, which I greatly appreciate. Sweet Peanut Baby also offers a few other prints and a couple solids. While there isn’t a huge variety, and you probably would have to duplicate some colors or prints, you could build an entire stash out of the adorable diapers they offer.


Sweet Peanut Baby pocket diapers are a great place to start for families looking to get into cloth. You’re buying from a smaller company, but still getting a great product. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. I wish they offered a better variety of prints and solids but I think they’re a great diaper that will fit a wide variety of babies. If you’re looking for a variety of prints in pockets- Sweet Peanut Baby is a great place to start!

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*I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review but all opinions are completely my own*

2 thoughts on “Sweet Peanut Baby Pocket

  1. Thank you for your feedback! We are working on expanding our inventory of both standard and custom prints, our first custom collection is due in within the next few weeks and we are super excited about it!! We are just getting started on being able to offer cloth diapers that are high quality, affordable and custom designed. – 🥜🐘


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