West Coast Dipes Cover

West Coast Dipes Cover 1


Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

We love covers and prefolds in this house. They’re a bulletproof method of cloth diapering (customize however you want) and are great for parents who are diapering on a budget! This diaper cover by West Coast Dipes is an excellent option for those looking for a cover that will fit a variety of babies. I can’t wait for them to come out with more prints available in sheets.


The West Coast Dipes cover is a one-size cover designed to fit babies 6-35 pounds. This diaper cover does seem to run larger so while I don’t think it will fit perfectly at 6 pounds, it should easily last until your child is potty trained (or 35 pounds).


West Coast Dipes covers are of exceptional quality. The material is sturdy without being too stiff or compromising trimness. The snaps are also super strong feeling. I’m not worried about this diaper disintegrating in the wash; I’m sure it will hold up to years of constant use.

West Coast Dipes Cover 2


Like I mentioned before, these covers seem to fit a little larger than the other one-size covers we’ve tried. A West Coast Dipes cover will fit best on an average to a chunkier sized baby, but the cover does have double gussets, which will allow it to fit better on a smaller baby without leaks. While this won’t fit perfectly on a newborn, Pumpkin has been wearing it for months with no holes so that it will last through potty learning!

Ease of Use:

This West Coast Dipes cover is an absolute dream to use- attach over an absorbent inner (prefold, fitted, old T-shirt) and wipe clean/dry between uses. This single cover can last Pumpkin almost all day (6 diaper changes) which saves me so much laundry! If I could replace my entire stash with just these covers- I totally would!

My husband doesn’t use these frequently, but when he does, they’re easy to understand and use. Each cover has a flap in the back, and the front which makes it easy to tuck a prefold (or flat) under such a daddy (or daycare) can quickly put this cover on Pumpkin as they would a pocket or AIO.


West Coast Dipes Cover 3  West Coast Dipes Cover 4


At $8.95 each, you only need to use this cover about 36 times before it becomes cheaper than disposables. And at 2-6 diaper changes between washes, it won’t take long before these start saving money!


This Anza print is my absolute favorite- it reminds me of beach balls and chemistry and art class and all things adorable. If Anza isn’t your cup of tea, West Coast Dipes has a few more (gender-neutral!) prints coming out in covers in the next month. I wish they offered all their prints in covers, but hopefully, as West Coast Dipes grows more substantial, they will provide all prints in every product.


West Coast Dipes covers are an excellent option for families looking to get into cloth diapering without investing a lot of money. They offer a stable fit for a wide variety of baby sizes, and with the double gussets, you won’t have any leaks! Bottom Line: Yes, I would rebuy this. I can’t wait to buy all the new prints when they come out- and keep my fingers crossed for even more prints and some solid colors before Pumpkin potty trains.

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