Bumpadum Wet Bag

Bumpadum Wet Bag 1


Longevity: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Fit: 7/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cuteness: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Working our way up the list: here is my 3rd favorite product from my Bumpadum package… the wet bag! For the first 9 months of cloth diapering Pumpkin, we had one wet bag (besides the two hanging wet bags we used for laundry) and I think we only used it twice. Now having cloth diapered for a year, we own 9 smaller sized wet bags and I use one almost every day. Bumpadum does a great job of bringing the benefits of a large wet/dry bag and scaling it down for daily use.


Wet bags, in general, are extremely long-lived- you can use them for diapers, then swimwear/wet clothes, then to organize toys/clothes/everything. I didn’t realize how extremely versatile wet bags were until I actually started using them and now I use them for everything. You will certainly get years of use out of your Bumpadum wet bag.


Bumpadum has created an extremely high-quality wet bag. The PUL is nice and soft (while still being waterproof) and the zipper is at no risk of breaking anytime soon (regardless of how hard I yank on it). The straps used to hang this wet bag off things are also sturdily sewn on- so you aren’t at risk of this bag full of wet diapers suddenly falling to the floor and spilling…


This wet bag fits (see what I did there?) a good amount of diapers (between 5-8, depending on bulk). We haven’t figured out how much could fit in each pocket because we don’t use the front pocket but I’m guessing you could fit 2-3 clean diapers in the front and 4-6 dirty in the main pocket. You could also easily fit 2 adult swimsuit and a baby suit or two in this wet bag without having to shove everything in. The Bumpadum wet bag is a great size for a day worth of diapers or all-day excursions.

Bumpadum Wet Bag 2

Ease of Use:


Bumpadum has created a wet bag that is extremely easy to manage. Simply hang the wet bag from both straps on your towel bar or hang from one strap by the door handle. There are also a million other places you could hang this wet bag to have easy access. I also love that they have added two pockets to this wet bag (even though we usually only use the main one). This allows us to store clean diapers (or a change of clothes) on one side and dirty diapers on the other without cross-contaminating. The snaps are also really easy to snap apart (but don’t come unsnapped when hanging) and the zipper is easy to unzip.

I want to talk about the dual hanging straps for just a minute. These straps make hanging this diaper from your towel bar or shower curtain rod an absolute breeze. This is great for one main reason- poopy diaper storage. We keep our main hanging wet bag in Pumpkin’s room but we spray poopy diapers off in the toilet in the bathroom down the hall from his room… I don’t want to carry the entire wet bag to the bathroom and I don’t want to carry a dripping diaper back to his room either. This Bumpadum wet bag offers the perfect solution. We just leave this hanging on the towel bar and plop the sprayed off diapers right into it. It’s easy to drop diapers into when it’s hanging on the bar and it’s easy to remove and empty. This is an amazing feature and I wish every wet bag had two hanging straps.


At roughly $8.95 per bag, the Bumpadum wet bag is one of the most affordable wet bags I’ve seen. I don’t know what to compare the price to, but after only a few uses you will realize that this wet bag is well worth the money. They have taken all the features of a very expensive wet bag and offered it at an affordable price. Granted, you will have to pay international shipping but if you buy more than one bag it only adds a dollar or two to the overall cost of the bag, not a big deal.

Bumpadum Wet Bag 3


Bumpadum offers wet bags in their standard lineup of adorable prints. There are cute prints available for both girls and boys. What I most like about the prints Bumpadum offers for their wet bags is that they aren’t too babyish- these prints would still be suitable if you’re buying a wet bag to use for storing extra clothes or carrying swimsuits home from the beach for an older child.


While this isn’t my favorite product I received from Bumpadum (that review will be up in the coming weeks!), it is still an amazing wet bag! I would highly recommend this wet bag if you are looking for dual straps or two separate compartments, this is the perfect wet bag for you. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy this again. I like this wet bag a lot more than some of my other (more expensive) wet bags and if I could do it again I would just buy 4 of these bags and call it good.

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