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Longevity: 10/10

Quality: 9/10

Fit: 8/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Cuteness: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

When Pumpkin was first born and we started cloth diapering, finding pants that fit wasn’t much of an issue. We were able to simply size up in pants and the fit was fine if a little long. I figured we would never need to buy a pair of Maxaloones(unless of course, I couldn’t’ resist a cute print…). What I didn’t realize at the time was as pants sizes increase for babies, they just get longer and stop getting wider. As soon as Pumpkin hit 9 months old, I realized it was time to invest in some Maxaloones.


Maxaloones, in general, are meant to fit for years but these pants by FluffBumLove will fit your kiddo from 12m-4T. This is a slightly more generous range than other maxaloones I have seen which usually fit around 6m-3T. Without a doubt, you will be able to get at least a couple of years of use out of these pants.


These pants by FluffBumLove are amazing quality. The stitching is all even and professional without any loose strings or snags and the fabric quality is great. The black portion of the pants is soft and breathable cotton spandex while the bum circle, belly band, and leg cuffs are all slightly firmer cotton material. The slightly sturdier material and the waist and ankles help these pants to stay on even throughout the roughest and tumble play.

FluffBumLove Maxaloones 2


These pants are expected to fit around 12 months but they easily fit Pumpkin at 10 months (and less than 20 pounds). They are a tiny bit too long, even with the cuffs rolled up, but this isn’t a problem and he doesn’t seem to mind. You might be able to get away with putting these on smaller kiddo (6 months) as long as the baby is a little larger or you don’t mind slightly loose/long maxaloones. The main portion of these pants is so stretchy that I have high confidence these will fit him perfectly for years and I’m so excited for them to grow with him. FluffBumLove has done a great job creating a pair of pants that will fit wonderfully for years.

Ease of Use:

As with all maxaloones, these have a slight learning curve. You will need to fold the waistband and leg cuffs to fit your kid when you use these and will have to repeat that every time you wash them. Yet, once you’ve figured out how to fold to fit your kid specifically, it’s easy to get the right fit every time. The only issue we’ve encountered with these is that daycare struggles endlessly to put these on- they say there is too much fabric around the ankles and it’s hard to put the pants on. I disagree, but if this something that could bother you, you might want to rethink maxaloones in general.

FluffBumLove Maxaloones 3

Another thing I want to mention with these FluffBumLove maxaloones is the ease of dealing with the seller herself. She is super responsive to messages and very accommodating in custom requests. After trying out these pants (and getting feedback from daycare) I asked her if she would be willing to make a pair with a slightly shorter belly band and shorter leg cuffs, along with a couple of pairs of shorts. She responded quickly that she would love to, offered fabric choices, gave options on style, quoted a price, and provided a rough timeline. She didn’t even hesitate about making a completely custom pair of pants for my kiddo. I have never before dealt with a seller this helpful and kind.


At $25.50 a pair, FluffBumLove maxaloones are comparable to other brands available online. When I first looked at maxaloones, in general, I thought the price was a little steep, then I realize that one pair of pants for Pumpkin at the store is going to cost about $8-10 and will last for at most 6 months. When you take that into account, you only need to use these pants for about a year before they’re cheaper than buying pants at the store. And not to mention, when you buy these pants- you are supporting a small business/WAHM, you’re getting a handmade product, you get exactly the fit you want, you get pants that actually fit over a cloth diaper,  and you are generating less waste (one pair of pants vs 6). When you take all of those factors into consideration, the price of these FluffBumLove maxaloones is extremely reasonable.


Can we just talk about this skater bear print for a minute? I mean come on, it’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And it looks adorable as the accent print! I like that FluffBumLove uses the cute prints as accents on the maxaloones and the solid colors as the main fabric- I much prefer a cute printed bum and tummy over a solid color bum. But I also really like that there are options- some of FluffBumLove’s pants have a solid color bum, others have a cute print, so you can choose the style you prefer. I also like that there is a decent variety of cute prints offered and if you want a specific print, you can create a custom order. With FluffBumLove, you are certain to find a pair of maxaloones that you love!


FluffBumLove has truly created the perfect pair of maxaloones. Pumpkin seems so comfortable in them (they breathe nicely but keep him warm) and I love how cute they are! I have no doubt they will last us for years to come, both in fit and in quality. Bottom Line: Yes, I would buy these again. And I will be buying more. I also can’t wait to try some wool diaper covers from FluffBumLove.

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