Snappi Baby Ergo Brush

  • LONGEVITY - 8/10
  • QUALITY - 8/10
  • EASE OF USE - 8/10
  • PRICE - 8/10
  • CUTENESS - 7/10

When I was pregnant with Pumpkin, I scoffed at all the butt cream brushes on the market. Is putting butt cream on a baby so difficult that we need a special tool for it? Once I had a baby though and he started moving all over during diaper changes (to the point where it sometimes takes 2 people to accomplish the task) I realized that a diaper cream brush is a necessary tool. And a wonderful tool.


Snappi Baby Ergo Brush 1



The Snappi Baby Ergo Brush should last the entire diapering years- your baby is never too young or old for you to avoid getting butt cream all over everything. When you’re done using this brush for its intended purpose, you could sterilize it and use it for lotion or medicated ointment.  No matter what, if you start using this brush when your child is a newborn, you should get years of use out of it!


This butt brush (why is that so fun to say?!) is made with high-quality silicone and is sure to stand the test of time. We’ve been using the Snappi Baby Ergo Brush for a few weeks now (and for the first week+ Pumpkin was using it as a teether…) and it still looks brand new! I’m not worried about this brush breaking, wearing out, or discoloring as it’s truly built to last. I’m also certain that I will be able to use this no problem and our next kid and it will still look brand new. Snappi Baby also offers a lifetime guarantee on this product, so if it does fall apart, you’re covered.


If I had known how much easier a butt cream brush would make life, I would have ordered one as soon as I found out I was pregnant. To use this product, you simply squirt/scrape a little bit of cream onto the brush, wipe onto your baby, wipe the brush off with a wipe, and suction that brushes to any available surface. This device leaves your hands clean to wrangle the baby and makes diaper changes go so much more smoothly! If the Snappi Baby Ergo Brush ever gets super nasty, just throw it in the dishwasher and sanitize! It honestly doesn’t get much easier than this.


Snappi Baby Ergo Brush 2  Snappi Baby Ergo Brush 3



At $10 (or $6 on Amazon!), I first thought this brush was a little pricey, the more I used it though- the more I realized how reasonably it’s priced! This brush is worth its weight in gold when you don’t need to scrub sticky (and gross!) cream off your hands after every diaper change! I would happily pay $10 for one of these (and probably will as soon as someone I know has another baby…).


I mean, it’s a brush meant to put diaper cream on your baby’s tush so it isn’t all that cute… but as far as practical baby implements go, the Snappi Baby Ergo Brush is pretty cute. It’s got a nice round shape, some good texture, and comes available in 3 colors. I just wish it had a cute face so when it’s suction cupped to the changing table it looked like a puppy or something but ya know, it’s still not super ugly so I’m not going to complain.


Although the Snappi Baby Ergo Brush isn’t a necessity- it is one of those baby gadgets that make life go much smoother. I think this will get a lot of use in our house and will be one of the things we save for our next baby. Bottom line: Yes, I would buy this again. And I will probably buy some to give as gifts at baby showers because they are the perfect (practical but not frequently thought of…) baby gift!

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