BambooDrive Bamboo Terry AIO


Bumpadum Aviva Diaper

Bumpadum Duet Stay-Dry Diaper

EcoAble AIO Newborn

Fluffy Dragon Diapers AIO Heavy Wetter

Fluffy Penguin Company AIO

Happy BeeHinds Hybrid AIO

HappyEndings “Night, Night” AIO

Mother Ease Wizard Uno AIO

Thirsties One Size AIO


I rate all diapers on a scale of 1-10 in different categories. The categories are as follows:

Longevity: How long can I expect to use this diaper? Will it last from birth-potty training or only a few months? The longer I can use it, the better.

Quality: Is this a quality diaper? Can I expect it to last through many washes or does it seem like it will fall apart after a short time? Is there any stitching coming undone already?

Fit: How well does this diaper fit? How well did it fit as a newborn? How well does it fit now?

Ease of Use: How easy are these to assemble and place on baby? How easy for dad or babysitter to do?

Price: How much does this diaper cost? How many times will I have to use it before it becomes cheaper than disposables?

Cuteness: Are there cute prints available? Are they pricier than solid colors?

Overall: Would I buy this again? Is it an overall good diaper?