HappyEndings Charcoal Bamboo Newborn Inserts

Snap-EZ Hemp/Cotton Inserts

I rate all diapers on a scale of 1-10 in different categories. The categories are as follows:

Longevity: How long can I expect to use this diaper? Will it last from birth-potty training or only a few months? The longer I can use it, the better.

Quality: Is this a quality diaper? Can I expect it to last through many washes or does it seem like it will fall apart after a short time? Is there any stitching coming undone already?

Fit: How well does this diaper fit? How well did it fit as a newborn? How well does it fit now?

Ease of Use: How easy are these to assemble and place on baby? How easy for dad or babysitter to do?

Price: How much does this diaper cost? How many times will I have to use it before it becomes cheaper than disposables?

Cuteness: Are there cute prints available? Are they pricier than solid colors?

Overall: Would I buy this again? Is it an overall good diaper?