Baby Wearing


FluffBumLove Maxaloones

KayCircus Maxaloones

Wobble Bottoms Baby Pants



Wet Bags

BambooDrive Medium Wet Bag

BambooDrive Small Wet Bag

Bumpadum Wet Bag

Misc. Diapering Supplies

Snappi Baby Ergo Brush


I rate all items on a scale of 1-10 in different categories. The categories are as follows:

Longevity: How long can I expect to use this item? Will it last through toddlerhood or only a few months? The longer I can use it, the better.

Quality: Is this a quality item? Can I expect it to last through rough and tumble use or is this something I need to be careful with?

Fit: For clothes and similar items, how well do they fit? Is the item true to size?

Ease of Use: How easy is the item to use? How easy to clean?

Price: How much does this item cost? Is the cost worth it?

Cuteness: Is this a cute product? Is this something that looks cute on the baby or cute in our house?

Overall: Would I buy this again? Is it an overall good product?